Nominees were chosen by a committee of almost 200 musicians, fans, producers, venue owners, music writers and promotes, all of whom were able to vote in all categories except their own. Thank you to all who participated for us to arrive at the following nominees in 32 categories. Please go to to cast your vote. You may only vote once per IP address. While you might think you are being able to vote more than once, you are not, and it will kick the other votes back. Congratulations to the Nominees and Good Luck! Voting ends at midnight on Monday, April 25.

Winners will be announced at The 2016 CV Music Awards to be held on Sunday, May 22 at the Riviera in Palm Springs.

And the 2016 CV Music Awards Nominees are:

Best Band


The Sweat Act



You Know Who

The Flusters

The Hellions

Gene Evaro Jr. & The Family


The Hive Minds

Eevaan Tré & The Show


Best Rock Band

Blasting Echo




The CMF’s

Mighty Jack


Best Metal Band



Remnants of Man

Kill the Radio

Brain Vat

Robotic Humans


Best Punk Band

The Sweat Act



You Know Who

Whiskey & Knives

Upper Class Poverty


Best Alternative Rock Band


War Drum


The Hive Minds

The Dirty X’s



Best Rap/Hip-Hop Band/Performer

Thr3 Strykes

J Patron


2 Toxic

Tip Toe Stallone

Dozzi Doz


Best Reggae Band/Artist

Irie Junctions


Higher Heights

Mikey Reyes’s Acoustic Movement


Desert Rhythm Project


Best Jazz Vocals

Slim Man

Rose Mallett

Yve Evans

Cat Lyn Day

John Stanley King

Mikael Healey


Best Jazz Instrumental

Chase Huna

Will Donato

Smooth Brothers

Joe Baldino

Mikole Kaar

Craig Chestnutt


Best Blues Band/Artist

Kal David

John Stanley King

Barry Baughn


The Stanley Butler Band

Deanna Bogart


Best Country Band/Artist

R Buckle Road

Lisa Lynn & The Country Gentlemen

Rick Shelley

Lucky Bones

Cisco & Dewey

The Hick Ups


Best Adult Contemporary Band/Artist

Gina Carey

Michael Keeth

Jimi Fitz

John Stanley King

Rick Shelley

Mark Gregg


Best Duo

Mikey Reyes & Bryanna Evaro

Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss

Michael Keeth & Martin Barrera

David Macias & Giselle Woo

Josh Hall & Josh Fimbres

Derek Jordan Gregg & Sean Poe


Best New Band

5th Town





The Flusters


Best Live Performance Band


The Sweat Act

Right On Right On

Thr3 Strykes




Best Cover Band

Long Duk Dong

Dude Jones

Aphrodisiac Jacket

Dead Milkmaids

The Refills



Best Female Vocalist

Chelsea Sugarbritches

Christina Reyes

Lisa Lynn Morgan

Giselle Woo

Courtney Chambers

Gina Carey


Best Male Vocalist

Michael Keeth

Eevaan Tre

Alex Antonio

Gene Evaro Jr.

Lance Riebsomer

Giorg Tierez


Best Frontman

Jim Cathcart

Nick Flores

Alex Antonio

Josh Heinz

Chris Long

Sean Wheeler


Best Frontwoman

Chelsea Sugarbritches

Jesika Von Rabbit


Christina Reyes

Lisa Lynn Morgan

Giselle Woo


Best Guitar

Mike Pygmie

Arthur Seay

Jon Arnold

Bobby Nichols

Bobby Taffolla

Juan Espino


Best Bass

Dan Dillinger

Dylan Brown

Mondo Flores

Jerry Bryson

Aaron Ramson

Damien Lautiero


Best Drummer

Troy Whitford

KT Zapcart

Steven Hall

Mike Cancino

Greg Saenz

Jeff Bowman


Best Keyboards

Christina Reyes

Jack Kohler

Linda Lemke Heinz

Herb Lienau

Jeff Mazur

Andy Cahan


Best Club DJ

DJ Day

DJ Femme A

DJ Sugarfree

DJ Captain OSIV

DJ Chase Martinez

DJ Alex Harrington


Best Event DJ

DJ Alf Alpha

DJ Alex Harrington

DJ Luthergates

DJ Guy Worden

DJ Alex Updike

DJ Smoke 1


Best Club Promoter

Johnny Sugarbritches

Jack Kohler

Ray Phillips

Noe Gutierrez

Ming Bob

Lisa Lynn Morgan


Best Event Promoter

BB Ingle

Ming Bob


Lyfted Entertainment

Ray Phillips

Steve Johns


Best Live Performance Venue

Date Shed

The Hood


Pappy & Harriet’s

Bart Lounge



Best Unsigned Album (album must have a release date between March 1, 2015 and March 1, 2016)

Lorialla “Fly”

Michael Keeth “Get Back Up”

Rick Shelley “1909”

Bridger “Forces Against Us”

Alex Harrington “Tru Groove”

You Know Who “You Know Who”

War Drum “Risk Taker”

J Patron “Latino Immigrant”

Dali’s Llama “Dying In The Sun”

Gina Carey “Can You Dig It”


Best Producer

Ronnie King

Esjay Jones

Chris Unck

Brad Garrow

Tariq Beats

Harper Hug & Trevor Whatever


Best Band Photographer

Chris Miller

Scott Pam

Steve Young

Laura Hunt Little

Samantha Schwenck

Esther Sanchez