1. OK, I look familiar because I was here last week cleaning your carpets, painting your house or making a delivery.
  2. I forgot to thank you for letting me use your bathroom last week while I was outside working. Before I got out, I opened the window so I would not disturb you while coming in the front door.
  3. Your landscaping told me you have taste…and money. The toys in the yard also pique my interest for what kind of gaming system you have. I want things that are easy to “fence”.
  4. It is true when people tell you not to leave newspapers pile up on the driveway. To test that you are away I might leave a flyer in the front door to see if you remove it.
  5. On the east coast, I can tell if you are home when it snows, if I don’t see any tracks or footprints.
  6. If you have a glass front door, be sure to tell your alarm company not to install it where I can see through the glass… to set if it is on!
  7. Be sure your security system alarms the window over the sink, and the windows on the second floor, which often give access to the master bedroom… and your money and jewelry. Consider motion detectors under the carpet. Gribow says, ”One of my early cases, when I would take felony criminal matters, was the Bel Air Burglar. He was charged with over 300 Burglary’s in Beverly Hills and Bell Air and was a SECOND STORY MAN. When you call, ask for the inside story on how he was caught and what he buried.”
  8. When it rains, you often forget to lock your front door, as you fumble with the keys. However, you must understand, as a burglar, I don’t take a sick day when it rains.
  9. I always knock first to see if anyone is home. When you answer, I may ask you for directions, or offer to do a chore. You probably should not use me.
  10. I bet you think I wouldn’t look in your sock drawer? I always check dresser drawers, the bedside table and the medicine cabinet.
  11. I rarely go into a kids room so……..???
  12. I may not have time to break into the safe. However, everything else is fair game.
  13. It’s true that a loud TV or Radio is a better deterrent that the best alarm system. If you leave for the weekend, consider buying a timer to turn the TV or Radio on…..you can also go to Faketv.com for a cheap device that flickers like a TV.
  14. Sometimes I carry a clipboard to look official, or I carry a rake or look like some other worker.
  15. The things I hate most are loud dogs and nosey neighbors.
  16. I may break a window to get in, even if it makes a noise that could wake a neighbor. Chances are s/he will wait for another noise and then go back to sleep.
  17. I know that many people have an alarm system and do not set it.
  18. I may look in your windows to see if anyone is home, or what is inside, like new TV’s or gaming systems. I may walk down the street to see what looks like the best home “to visit’.
  19. You may want to avoid stating you are going on a trip on your Facebook or social media pages. It is easy to find your address.
  20. You may leave your window open a little for fresh air…..but to a burglar like me, it is an invitation… does not need an rsvp.
  21. If you don’t answer, I will try the door…I often get lucky!

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