Desert legends Dali’s Llama are celebrating 30 years of music by releasing 30 songs in a free, downloadable form.

The nucleus of the band has always been everyone’s favorite fun couple, Zach and Erica Huskey on guitar, vocals and bass respectively. They began as a trio with drummer Johnny Moreno in 1993. Over the years, the line-up has expanded to a four, and occasionally five-piece configurations. Currently, the band includes guitarist Joe Dillon and drummer Craig Brown.

Leapfrogging through three decades of music, the starting point is the snarly, Post Punk/Pop sound that defined their first three albums. From there, they zig-zag into the free-form Jazz/Prog Rock territory of songs like “Aboriginal Man Contemplating The Universe Under The Night Sky.”

By the turn of the 21st century, Dali’s Llama dispensed with brevity and embraced heaviosity, drilling down on a down-tuned sound that was by turns face-melty, sludgy and primordial. For the next dozen years, the band speed-shifted through Garage, Psychobilly, thick, hypnotic grooves and their pugnacious Punk Rock origins. Now, lucky listeners can take a deep dive into their expansive oeuvre. (yeah, I said it). It’s all there for the taking, beginning December 2nd.


On Sunday, December 17th Zach and Joe will be playing an acoustic set at Central Station in Morongo Valley, sharing the stage with The Karma Dealers, Rosa Pullman, Paul Forrester, Lisa Rae Black, as well as old compadre and fellow Desert legend, Mario Lalli & The Rubber Snake Charmers.

Central Station – 49700 29 Palms Hwy, Morongo Valley, CA.