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Things are really starting to heat up in Southern California, and no doubt aided by this past weekend’s 37th Annual Avocado Festival in beautiful Fallbrook, CA. It was an avocado-packed, star-studded day lined with local growers, and vendors from in and out of town. Between 70,000-100,000 people drove, walked, hiked, biked, crawled, scratched, did whatever they had to do to be a part of this eventful day of sun-soaked fun.

For those who may not be aware, Fallbrook, located shy north of San Diego, is the avocado capital of the world. It’s not enough that Southern California hosts the Navel Orange capital of the world in Redlands, or that the Coachella Valley plays host to the date capital of the world, Fallbrook’s fertile soil and sunny skies give birth to the healthiest avocados this side of the Mississippi.

The 37th Annual Avocado Festival was an event organized by the Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce, and CEO, book keeper, manager, cleaner, promoter, you name it, she does it, Lila MacDonald. Lila’s family have been involved with the avocado festival since its inception almost forty years ago, and as Lila told me, “We are not slowing down.”


Preparations for the 38th Annual Avocado Festival begins today, the day of this writing, April 22, 2024, and over 50% of vendor spots have already been sold ahead of the 2025 spectacular.

Events such as the Avocado Festival, locally grown, farmed, and organic healthy produce, family-owned and operated markets such as CLARK’S NUTRITION & NATURAL FOODS are some of the many reasons why we Southern Californians should be so thankful we get to spend our lives beneath the sweeping sunrises and sunsets of the Golden State.

Now for the part where you find out how you can support our environment, become more independent, and save a buck or two …

Southern California is truly blessed to be the home of SOLAR PANEL DOCTORS. With over a decade of experience in solar panel array design, installation, and top-of-the-line maintenance services, these “doctors” are at the forefront of keeping California green, healthy, and areas such as the Coachella Valley, Corona, and the surrounding communities thriving. Yet there’s more … Owner and President of SOLAR PANEL DOCTORS, Nicholas Anderson, prizes his Christian morals and values as the number one fuel that drives his solar energy company. Nick’s vision is to see a healthier, greener, and Southern California of greater abundance by ensuring solar panel owners have access to the highest quality panels, installs and maintenance, without breaking the bank.

For further information, call the doctors at (760) 925-7983 or visit their website at for more information.

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