By Karen Creasy

For some the bucket list is filled with extravagance like, visiting a far off place, flying in a hot air balloon, or bungee jumping in New Zealand. But for most of us the desires we harbor are less extravagant. They are things like, lose some weight, research our genealogy, or learn to swim.

The unfortunate reality of most bucket list endeavors is they are frequently written and pursued when the end of life is looming near. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Every day you wake up, you are gifted with a new opportunity. Every day is a fresh start.

So here is my challenge to you. This year, join me in participating in a uniquely original Triathlon. October 12, 2014. The YMCA of the Desert and the city of Palm Desert have partnered to bring the first annual Reverse Mini Triathlon to the valley. It is not the traditional triathlon that starts with a long and difficult open water swim, followed by a bike ride that feels like the Tour De France, and concluded with a run that just about does you in. This event promises to be more fun than that. It is perfect if you have never participated in such a goal before or if you want a new challenge with a twist. This event is backwards. It is reversed and it is mini, shorter than the average tri.


It will start with a 5K run, continue with a 10 mile bike ride, and finish with a 300 meter swim in the Palm Desert Aquatic Center swimming pool. Doesn’t that sound like a fun challenge? If participating in the entire event is more than you want to tackle how about doing just the 5K as a run or a walk or the 1K color run in Civic Center Park. Families and friends can do it together. There is something for everyone!

I hope you will write it down. Put it on your bucket list. Commit to the challenge. It will be fun. I’m sure of it! To sign up go to If you and your friends want help training for this next fun reverse mini -triathlon endeavor call me, Karen, at the Palm Desert Aquatic Center 760-565-7467 I’m here to help!