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“Trust me”. It was a phrase uttered many times during the late 1980’s and 1990’s during the historic career of professional wrestling legend and WWE Hall of Famer, Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Sadly, Jake’s vulnerability at that time didn’t allow him to trust many, God, or himself.

To some, Jake “The Snake” Roberts was a hero. To others, he was evil personified. Yet, outside the spotlights of the professional wrestling industry, and behind the character of Jake “The Snake” Roberts was a human being, who like us all, needed love, faith, compassion, discipline, and encouragement.

Whenever anyone is thrust into the spotlight of celebrity, one of two things occur. Either the individual will merrily enjoy the success of their career without concern, or the pressure will make them loose themselves.


For Jake “The Snake” Roberts, outside situations that had occurred during his younger years, and prior to pro wrestling, ultimately led to his dependence upon alcohol, and drugs. Once the addiction began, there was no alternate other than to allow time to take its toll. Fortunately for Jake, and after years of substance abuse, his life turned around for the better.

In 2013-14, Jake embarked upon a quest to “kick his bad habits”, and become the man that his family and friends always knew he could be. Now, a decade later, Jake “The Snake” Roberts is sober in mind and soul. His family has been restored, he became part of the 2014 class of WWE Hall of Fame, and is now employed by AEW [All Elite Wrestling].

Jake’s overcoming addictions due to lots of hard work and faith, have allowed him to experience a new lease on life – one that sees him giving of his time to help encourage, inspire, and motivate children, young persons, and adults around the world to discover the blissful peace that he now enjoys daily.

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