Dearest Molly,

When we met six years ago in San Diego I never thought that someday we would be living and working in Palm Springs together. I am so thankful that we decided to move to Palm Springs and start a new chapter in our life three years ago.  Working together has been awesome, especially since Bar has been open. Not many couples get to work together, and I feel like not many would be even able to handle it, but that is why you’re so special. We balance each other out and keep each other accountable. Your charisma and charm attracts everyone to you and that is so important in our business. That and the fact that you always give everything 100 percent and you work so hard are just a few of the qualities that make me love you so much. Thanks for being an amazing coworker and an even better wife. I love you so much, Happy Valentines Day, and cheers to many more baby!

Love, Donavan

(Publisher’s note: I chose this young couple, Donavan and Molly Funkey,  after watching them several times working together as co-owners of Bar in Palm Springs, because you can see that they truly adore each other. It’s not easy to start a business and work together as a couple much less when you’re in your 20s, but they make it seem effortless and work together as a team.)