ALERT: Desert Wind Medieval Combat Group has announced plans to “raid” the opening weekend of the forthcoming “Hobbit” film!

Just who are these Desert Wind people, and how can they get away with raiding a peaceful theater?
According to their website, and their Facebook page “Desert Wind”, they describe themselves this way:

“Desert Wind is a combat group associated with the medieval combat societies of Belegarth and Dagorhir, with a look and theme based on the fantasy realizations of Tolkien. Our mission is to encourage social interaction, team work, athleticism, creativity and over all health through the sport of medieval/fantasy combat, using foam padded, simulations of weapons. We strive to immerse our participants into a world of fantasy by following specific rules on garb and safety guidelines for equipment, agreed upon by the combat societies of Belegarth and Dagorhir”
This unique and exciting sporting group meets each Saturday from 1pm to 5pm, and each Wednesday from 5pm to 8pm at Palm Desert Civic Center Park on San Pablo in Palm Desert, adjacent to the Palm Desert Civic Complex. All players ages 16 and older are welcome. Participants are required to fill-out and sign a sports waiver in order to participate, and will receive beginner training before taking the field in “combat”. Those under 18 are required to have a parent\legal guardian sign their waiver form. Desert Wind has been practicing for over 3 years now here in the Desert and they are here to stay.

Joining the group is free, and members do all they can to make sure that newcomers eventually obtain a uniform (Medieval or fantasy clothing) and equipment–kept in good repair (thanks to many kind donations)– so new fighters have the ability to experience this sport right away. All weapons are checked using the standards set forth by the Belegarth and Dagohir rules before they are used in the field. The group often carpools to events, which are held all over Southern California, and hopes to one day expand these events across the Country! You can find examples of fighting by searching keywords Dagohir Boffer Combat on Youtube, but the best way is to come out and see it for yourself.


So, we know who they are, but how are they going to “raid” “The Hobbit”? Managers at Mary Pickford/IMAX Theater in Cathedral City are planning an amazing opening weekend for the blockbuster film “The Hobbit” on the weekend of December 14, 2012. The plans include games and a Shire environment within the theater. Desert Wind was asked if they would provide a demonstration for gathered fans. In addition to the demonstration, a registration booth will be available for those who wish to sign-up, and onsite training will be available during the weekend as well! Invitations have gone out across the country, calling all Boffer fighters to come and join and demonstrate the fun and health benefits of this mock battle. According to reports, Desert Wind has done thorough reconnaissance of the available “battlefield” and has determined the areas where battle will take place, all with perfect vantage points for observers. This event will be as Epic as the film. Training is available during the weekend, but contact Desert Wind in advance to get some practice in ahead of time and learn a few skills! Desert Wind hopes to see you at the Shire!

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