By: Bronwyn Ison


Meeting the needs your body demands related to an acid alkaline balance is serious business.  We have a pH balance that is predetermined by the amount of acid in our body.  There is speculation about a diet calling for alkaline dominance.  Generally, a vegetarian diet is the optimum way of achieving less acid in the body.  However, you do not have to be a vegetarian to keep a healthy body.  Maintaining the body neutral in alkaline will help you avoid symptoms as indigestion, nausea, belching, hunger pangs, and heartburn.  If this represents you, you may need to affect adjustments to your diet.



It is possible you never realize any of the above symptoms. If the above symptoms haunt you, it is time to consider checking your pH balances.  A diet high in refined sugars, processed meats, corn, eggs, some dairy products, beans, and deep fried foods, all contribute to acid in the system.  Therefore, it is time to rethink and modify your menu. It is suggested a goal of 7.35 to 7.45 on a scale of 0 to 14 is neutral.  If your pH balance is below 7.4, you are in danger of an unbalanced pH.  If this is you, it is time to implement adjustments.


Amending your diet and abandoning poor habits will be challenging. Keep in mind this is about your health.  Additional foods and drinks contributing to acid in the body include the following; soda drinks, wine, caffeinated drinks (coffee and teas), a diet high in rich meats, (lamb, pork, turkey and some fish.) White pasta, oats, barley, and wheat (gluten based foods) are considered acidic foods.  Foods that will facilitate lower acid levels are most fruits and vegetables, whey protein, Greek yogurt, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, squash, and a variety of spices to include cinnamon, mustard, curry and chili pepper.  You will also find Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar one tablespoon, three times per day will contribute greatly to keeping your acid levels down or neutral.  Although it may be tough to swallow, your taste buds will acclimate.  Also, consider probiotics.  There are a variety of choices at your local health food stores targeting specific needs.  Lastly, drink alkaline water.  Kangen water systems are a wonderful place to begin.


Do you want to know your pH balance?  Test yourself.  It is simple.  Purchase pH balance strips at your local drug store.  Follow directions, test, and evaluate.  After you see your results you will know whether your diet needs a reevaluation.  Also, keep in mind stress contributes to any and all things happening within your body.  If your pH is off you may need to change your diet but your exercise routine may need assistance also.  Trying to achieve health by performing one without the other nearly defeats the purpose of a healthy body.


Get healthy and be less acidic. Begin or increase your exercise routine.  We have one opportunity to make our bodies healthy.  Why wait?  Learn more about developing an exercise routine to compliment your diet, visit: