By Bronwyn Ison

Last week while I was driving my girls to school my youngest shared when she grows up she wants to have a learning center. She wants to help children who may not have the opportunity to go someplace and learn.  I know she was inspired by her latest visit to feeding the homeless. There were small children at the shelter who are not getting the opportunity to go to school. My heart goes out to these families.  Yet, I loved that my daughter had it in her heart to want to help. 

November is friendly reminder that it’s the time of year we’re giving to others.  Lending a hand, volunteering and charitable donations are generally in abundance.  One of the greatest gifts you can share is that of giving back to others. An act of kindness renders positive for both you and the receiver. 

There is so much to gain when you give back…


Make friends:  When you lend a helping hand and volunteer it’s a great opportunity to connect with your community and meet new people.  Plus, you are meeting like-minded people who share the same interests as you.  It’s a win win.

Improve Your Health:  Yes, you can improve your health by giving back.  Studies have shown helping others can decrease your stress levels, manage chronic pain and physically make you feel better.

Improve Your Skills: You can improve and/or hone existing skills.  You may also gain new skills that lead to positive opportunities .

While all of what I mentioned sounds like all to your gain… think about the others who are benefiting from you too.  You have a lot to share and give.  If you do not have the financial means you can always share your time.  Truly, there is nothing better than giving to those who need a little extra HOPE in their life.  How can you make a difference?  Do at least one act of altruism this month.  I think you’ll LOVE IT!

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