Painter, Tattooist And All-Around Cool Chick On The Scene

By Esther Sanchez

It was just about a year ago when I was strolling through the musician’s camping area at Joshua Tree Music and Arts Festival when I encountered a raven-haired beauty with piercing blue eyes and dimples to die for. Ohio born, Amanda “Owley” Overmire was set up with her easel and paints near the Roaming Sounds Studio trailer, owned by local icon Gene Evaro Jr., and I was immediately sucked in by the beauty of the art she was creating. It wasn’t until the annual Palm Trees and Tattoos Convention back in July, when I ran into Ms. Owley that I found out that she is not only a tattoo artist, but one of the most talented, experienced and diverse multi medium artists in the Coachella Valley.

Currently a Joshua Tree transplant, I asked Amanda what brought her to the high-desert.

Owley: “This October I will have lived in the desert for 5 years. I moved here with my ex-husband after graduating from the Art institute of Pittsburgh. His family lives out here already and I have always felt a pull to live in California throughout my entire life. Ohio had always felt a bit confined for me. I didn’t quite know I would be living in the California desert, but I love it here. I still wake up some mornings…well, afternoons…and say to myself, ‘Holy crap! This is where I live!’ There is so much art and music and so many possibilities out here that I never had back home.”


Considering her immense talent, it was not long after Owley settled in Joshua Tree before she began to be recognized for what she can create. But, this is nothing new to her. On the contrary, she has been praised and utilized for her abilities throughout her life.

Owley: I have been an artist throughout my entire life. I hope most tattoo artists say that. I remember being recognized by my teachers when I was in kindergarten when I drew a picture of penguins on a lake. Apparently a 5 year-old kid isn’t supposed to understand how to draw the reflection on the frozen lake. I soon started entering drawing competitions for the local hospital and Humane Society and won savings bonds. I always had a piece of art up in the school board superintendent’s office every year as well as being the recipient of numerous blue ribbons for my art at the Wayne County Fair. In addition, I also won numerous scholastic arts awards throughout that time.”

Owley continues: “When I was eleven, I became a part of some mural teams all over the county. We did a traveling mural for the rainforest, one for a woman’s shelter and various other team projects. I ended up doing my first solo mural at age 16.”

Owley, who attended Edinboro University in addition to The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, has truly made her prodigy-like success as an artist in her adolescent years, transfer to opportunities in her life as a young adult and loves nothing more than to share it all with the rest of us. Although tattooing is an amazing outlet that also helps pay the bills, she particularly enjoys the opportunity she has been given to paint live at JT Fest.

Owley: “I have always loved impulsive painting. I started painting live at the Joshua Tree Music Festival about 4 years ago. They normally feature around 20 artists for three days of painting followed by a silent-auction of the art on Sunday. Half of the proceeds go to charity. I will be there this fall, Oct. 6-9 as well as Soultruistic festival 10/21-10/23. Come find me!”

If you are interested in being tattooed by Amanda Owley she splits her time between Anarchy & Ink Tattoo in Cathedral City and Anarchy & Ink Tattoo in Twentynine Palms.

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