By Angela Romeo

At 23 years of age not too many know what their life path should be. But for Palm Springs High School graduate Anthony Childs, that is not the case. Anthony is an artist who has already had his work exhibited in New York and London, England; amazing for a 23 year old. More amazing, Anthony has Down Syndrome.

Anthony has found freedom and acceptance in the art community. Whether studying art on YouTube, online classes, or attending classes at Michaels ®, Anthony has found a supportive community. “I like to paint,” said Anthony with a smile slightly brighter than sunshine and a heart as big as his smile. Anthony is a very visual person who enjoys seeing the colors, textures, highlights, and visual arrays which inspires his work. Using primarily acrylics his work is abstraction and impressionist in style. He employs various painting tools and other items to achieve the texture in his works. Experimentation is key to Anthony’s creative style.

“I have two rescue dogs. Lexi and Grunther, “ he noted. “They are part of the family. I like to work out with my friends. I play sports. I enjoy visiting museums, decorating, history and animals.” He also participates in various community activities and events. Anthony continues to learn – studying English, Writing, and other subjects. Like many Californians he practices meditation as part a healthy lifestyle


Confident and composed Anthony talked about his work. “Art makes me feel accomplished,” he said. His mother, Dee, continued, “Art has taught Anthony responsibility. He knows there are deadlines, putting finishing touches on a painting, scheduling, planning, and promoting his work. Anthony is a young adult who is happier and continues to grow with his art. He enjoys meeting other artists and learning from them. Anthony has exhibited his work but he exhibition with Heart & Sold, and organization for artists with Down Syndrome, was one of the most important. Four works were selected for the exhibition in London, New York, and Manchester, England. He attended the artist reception in New York. It was a pleasure to meet the other artists and celebrate the artists’ hard work and accomplishments.”

While Anthony faces challenges that most of us cannot image, he faces each new challenge with aplomb. Always learning and always looking to push himself, Anthony tries to do his very best with everything. His positive outlook changes everything into a “can do” event.

It is art that makes Anthony no different than any other young man. “He has friends. He has purpose. He is happy. He knows what he wants. He has a path,” said his proud mother. Dee has worked to give Anthony the same opportunities as other young people. “We looked at the avenues open to Anthony and art was the best fit. Anthony is very happy with his decision to study art, enjoys developing his skills, exploring new art techniques, and is happy with his art direction. He is very happy to have studied with some very wonderful art teachers who really shared their love of art, and highly encouraged him to be creative. “

Anthony embodies something I have always believed, that we are all born artists.

Anthony’s work may be found on his Facebook page,; at and at Easy Speech in Palm Desert.