By Bronwyn Ison

Settling for second best, without a doubt, will render you feeling less empowered than what you deserve.  Yet, if you settled, you are cognizant, accepting less than what you desire.  Rather thought provoking don’t you think?  At what point does settling for less not agree with you?  Perhaps you have never allowed yourself to accept the absolute best for you.  If this sounds familiar, it is time to ask your self a few honest questions.

Pardon my request … it’s time to look deep within. You may discover your personal introspection and soul searching to be therapeutic.  You may have to step back in time and revisit a few dark spaces.  While this may not sound attractive, entertaining, or sexy… you will be thankful.  Consider why you have settled for mediocre.  Was it because someone told you didn’t deserve a certain luxury?  Or, you decided to settle because it was the next best thing to having nothing.  It’s likely you have an unsettling feeling about several choices you have made.  Yet, you replicate the same behavior over and over again! 

Let’s take relationships for example.  We are all guilty of lingering in an unhealthy relationship.  There could be a myriad of reasons you decided to stay.  If there are children involved, a couple may try to resolve their differences to maintain a healthy family.  Sometimes this is successful. Others may stay true to their word (vows) and commit to working on their relationship.  One of the most destructive reasons to remain in an unhealthy relationship is fear of being alone.  You will only be wasting your precious time.  Just think, your time could be better spent focusing on more important responsibilities in your life.  In actuality, you should fear you are settling. 


If you find that you are complaining about your circumstance, you are likely settling.  

If you continue to procrastinate on what you truly want in life, you are likely settling.

If while pursuing an endeavor you have focused on the time and energy it has taken rather the enjoying the journey, you are likely settling.

When you have to negotiate with yourself about whether or not what your doing is worthwhile, you are likely settling.

If you have to talk yourself into a state of excitement and the feeling does not come naturally, you are likely settling.

There is always a lesson to be learned.  It depends on how exhausted you are from repeating poor behavior.  My previous life experiences have afforded me incredible opportunities.  Settling for less is no longer an option.  When will you believe you deserve MORE? 

Bronwyn Ison is the owner of Evolve Yoga. 760.564.YOGA

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