By Laura Anne Rowell
Art can be as simple as putting paper to pen or the act of picking up a camera and seeing beauty in the everyday.
The ladies of OUTSIDE IN HERE are collative talents displaying different genres of art, life and views of the desert. Natalie Aguayo, Kristin Winters, and Rose Winters have collaborated in physically manifesting the internal perception of the Coachella Valley. Their show, OUTSIDE IN HERE, will be exhibited at Venus Art Studios June 29th, from 6-10pm.
“I love immersing myself in the land, taking long walks through the desert, and capturing fragments of the landscape,” says photographer and video artist, Natalie Aquayo, who will be showing her current series of photographs which are micro-landscapes of the desert taken on multiple local hikes. She describes her work as, ‘‘intimate views of nature, focusing on highly composed units of a chaotic whole.”
After moving back to the Coachella Valley out of college, painter Kristin Winters amerced herself into the local underground street art. She says “In the last 3 years the art that is being made in the desert has a lot of energy. It’s not about LA; right now it is the right time to be in the desert.” Her desert landscapes which will be displayed are geometric and psychedelic images which blend human and desert mysticism which represent her life and the desert in union.
Primarily working in the field of pen and ink, Kristin’s little sister, Rose Winters is a sketch artist and writer. Her objective is to exhibit the surreal and alienating factors of the desert by using intricate and multipart black and white abstract figures. Along with her art she will be displaying her self-published Zines, which intertwine poetry, prose, and illustration.
“You can find art in the most unusual places,” says Kristen. “People need to be open to different inspirations and not be afraid to experiment or push themselves. Don’t be scared to make big mistakes and grow.”
The external stimuli of living in an inhospitable environment shaped them as people and as artists. All three women have found a way to show the desert in a beautiful light rather than detesting it for its barren land and exhaustive heat.
OUTSIDE IN HERE will be at Venus Studios Art Space at 74050 Alessandro in Palm Desert on June 29th. For more information please visit: or call (760) 340-5085