By Janet McAfee

In April Andrea and Ryln Hadley-Bustillos arrived at the Loving All Animals shelter in Coachella seeking to adopt an adult cat. They were shown photos and told the story of a strikingly handsome black cat named Atlas who was a 3-legged tripod. The cat had a unique look with blazing gold eyes and pointed ears They returned the following day to meet Atlas when his foster mom Briana brought him in. This active fellow with personality plus quickly won them over and left for his wonderful forever home. His new name is Toothless after the Disney character. He quickly made himself at home celebrating by doing zoomies throughout the home.

Atlas’ story is beyond incredible and one that proves some cats do have nine lives. He was spotted jumping out of the window of a speeding vehicle on the 10 freeway in a remote desert region near Blythe. Two Riverside County Deputy Sheriffs obtained a trap and after 2 days captured the thirsty hungry feline. They transported him to the Riverside County Animal Shelter in Thousand Palms where x-rays showed his injured leg needed to be amputated. He underwent surgery at the clinic at the main Riverside shelter and county staff contacted rescue groups to take Atlas. He needed to be monitored and kept on best rest while healing, and Loving All Animals stepped up to take him.

The handsome cat with blazing gold eyes and pointed ears could barely be contained, ready to run and play with the 2 cats in his foster home with Briana. He proved what we already knew, 3-legged dogs and cats live a normal life not thinking they are different from others. Briana also fostered Bullseye, giving him the love and attention he needed and providing important information for his adoption. Bullseye and Atlas hung out together in the home, a precious interspecies twosome.


Bullseye was relinquished to Loving All Animals by a family who could no longer keep him. He had an ear infection and needed the required vaccinations and neutering. Then an x-ray showed he had one of the largest gallstones imaginable for a small pup. Surgery was performed and the sweet grateful pup healed in Briana’s home. He would often join Briana at the shelter hanging out happily with the other dogs. Paws and Claws Pet Care veterinary clinic donated 2 giant bags of his special diet food for Bullseye’s adopter. Briana who works at LAA is pictured below holding him and his food supply. The weeks dragged on and Bullseye was not adopted despite his popular breed and great personality. A medical waiver was required in the spirit of full disclosure about his past.

Then Ryln and Andrea saw Bullseye on a website not knowing at the time he was fostered in the same home with their cat Toothless. Cats don’t necessarily do so well traveling to strange places for “meet and greets” with dogs but this was a special exception. Toothless arrived confidently at LAA accompanied by Toulouse, a young tabby kitten the couple adopted several days earlier from the main Riverside County shelter. They were sightseeing on a day off and decided to check out the local animal shelter. It was a happy adoption for everyone! Ryln reports, “Within 30 minutes Bullseye and Toothless were snuggling together!”

Today’s update about the family was exciting. Andrea reports, “I have never met a cat like Toothless! He is more like a dog than a cat. When I arrive home, he meows loudly for me to pick him up. He loves going for car rides with us, and springs into action when he sees the car keys. It’s wonderful to adopt homeless animals and give a second chance to a dog like Bullseye. Toulouse is only 2-months old but taking after Toothless. We love the 3 of them like they are our kids.”

Ryln and Andrea remind us all how important it is to adopt homeless animals from shelters and rescue organizations. Approximately 35% of them appear to be pure breeds like Bullseye. You can see the cats and dogs needing homes at our Riverside County shelters at Visit your local Riverside County shelter, the Coachella Valley Animal Campus, at 72-050 Pet Land Place in Thousand Palms. They are open to visitors 10am to 4pm Monday through Saturday. Check out Loving All Animals at and call them at (760) 834-7000 for more information about their shelter in Coachella which welcomes visitors from 9am to 2:30pm Monday through Saturday.

Take another look at this happy family. Summer is almost here, and a new dog or cat will add to the fun!