By Heidi Simmons

This Sunday and Monday at the Agua Caliente Casino Resort and Spa in Rancho Mirage is the sixth annual Desert Woman’s Show. Over the two days, authors will be talking about their books.

Catering to local women, the event covers a myriad of health and fitness related seminars and business building sessions.

The most prominent speaker and author is long time CV resident Suzanne Somers. Her new book I’m too Young for This! The Natural Hormone Solution to Enjoy Perimenopause (Crown Publishing Group, 288 pages) was released in September. Somers is the keynote speaker at the Monday luncheon.


Somers has published nearly two dozens books. Beyond the health topics her books include biographies that chronicle her fall from Hollywood’s grace and being an abused child. She has written cookbooks, self-help and even poetry.

I’m Too Young for This! is targeted to women in their thirties and forties. Like her other books, it details how to get your body on track without drugs. Of course, she discusses the hormones that play an important role as our bodies transition from puberty to perimenopause. The book includes letters from women as well as her own personal experiences.

A living example of beauty and vitality, Somers has become the leading voice in bio identical hormone replacement therapy. Her last 12 books focus on ways to slow the aging process, improve sex and mental clarity, feel young and vivacious.

Not just an author, Somers has made herself a brand with vitamins and cosmetics. She recently partnered with Clarks Nutrition Center as a product spokesperson. At 67 she has come a long way since her television series “Three’s Company” and she continues to build a successful business and lifestyle.

Popular celebrity nutrition and fitness expert, J.J. Virgin, will speaks about her best selling book The Virgin Diet: Why Food Intolerance is the Real Cause of Weight Gain — Drop 7 Foods, Lose 7 Pounds, Just 7 Days (Harlequin, 336 pages)

Convinced that most dieters are failing because they don’t understand that food intolerance is the real cause of weight gain, Virgin details a series that begins transforming your body in just 21 days by eliminating the seven foods that are likely negating your weight-loss plan.

Virgin will take the Center Stage on Sunday and is the opening breakfast keynote speaker on Monday. She is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and a Certified Health and Fitness Instructor. With 25 years in the health and fitness industry, Virgin has become a leader in holistic nutrition and functional medicine.

Other books by Virgin are: The Virgin Diet Cookbook (Grand Central Publishing, 416 pages) and 6 Weeks to Sleeveless and Sexy (Gallery Books, 191 pages).

Doctor Steven Gundry, author of Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution: Turn Off the Genes That Are Killing You and Your Waistline and Drop the Weight for Good (Crown Publishing Group, 304 pages) will also take the Center Stage Sunday to discuss his book.

A cardiologist and Yale graduate, Gundry is the director of the International Heart and Lung Institute and founder of the Center for Restorative Medicine. His premise is: although our culture, lifestyle and technology has changed, our genes – the building blocks that make up our being – have not, and we can outsmart genes through a change of diet and exercise.

His book is divided into three parts that feature three phases to good health. Plus it has meal planning, recipes, inspirational stories as well as helpful tips to keep the reader on course.

On the business side of The Woman’s Show, James Williams Potts, author of Walking on Eggshells: Managing Minorities in the Workplace (Dorrance Publishing, 92 pages) will teach a certification class in Sexual Harassment on Monday.

Potts is an attorney with 33 years experience of representing employers against unwarranted discrimination claims, wrongful termination and sexual harassment. His book assists business owners, supervisors and mangers with guidelines to work with minorities and reduce potential lawsuits.

Some of the 12 chapters included in Potts’ book are “Understanding the Risk of Liability,” “Encouraging Cultural Diversity,“ “Managing Diversity,” “Cultural Diversity Strategies,” “What’s Politically Correct?,” “Playing the Race Card,” “Reverse Discrimination,“ “Handling Conflict,” and “Documentation Strategies.” Walking on Eggshells is a slim volume, but a big help for business owners and managers.

The Desert Woman’s Show offers an opportunity to hear these and other fitness and business gurus in person. The event is open to men and women. Sunday hours are 10:00 to 5:00 and Monday 8:00 to 5:00. Tickets are available at the door or visit the website

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