While continuing my mission to revisit some of last season’s favorites, I took a special guest to Backstreet Bistro for dinner.  We were surprised to see a completely full restaurant on a Monday and were grateful for having made a reservation.  I was excited to see that we would be enjoying live entertainment on a Monday as well.  My expectations were high and I had arrived with quite an appetite.  Fortunately, both were fulfilled.

We were seated at the last available table on the patio where we could hear the music but we did not have to speak over it.  Beginning with cocktails, we took our time with the dinner menu.  Included with the menu is an insert of healthy selections inspired by the “Fit in 42” lifestyle.  Incorporating a diet and exercise routine, one can expect positive physical changes in 42 days of participation.  Owner, Lavane, has provided entrée selections that taste amazing while not compromising one’s dietary goals.

We began with the crab cake appetizer with a “secret sauce” and I wish I knew the secret because it was incredible.  The crab cakes were meaty and the pink sauce with bell peppers was so good, I would buy a jar of it if it were for sale!  We followed the crab cakes with a side of sausage and peppers.  The dish was perfect for me, mild and savory.  Our starters were great but the entrees were simply perfection.

We shared a couple selections.  From the regular menu, we enjoyed linguini pasta with large shrimp, bay scallops, mussels, clams and fresh salmon in a white wine sauce.  There was so much seafood in this dish that I had a great lunch the following afternoon.  From the ‘Fit in 42’ menu, we shared the Chicken Bruschetta.  A tender chicken breast topped with diced tomatoes, basil and garlic was served beside a mixed green salad with a vinaigrette dressing and black beans.  The portions are large and the prices are shockingly affordable, making this one of the best values in the dessert.


One might ask, “how could you top such a perfect meal”?  The answer is easy.  Order the best tiramisu this valley has to offer.  It is light and airy yet rich with flavor.  We also shared some cappuccino ice cream that had little malted crunchy bites throughout.  The meal was truly amazing.  There is a reason why this place is full each night.  The drinks are great and the portions are generous, making this a restaurant ideal for any occasion and any budget.

As season is upon us, it would be wise to make a reservation for prime seating times.  The menu can be viewed at www.backstreet-bistro.com and reservations can be made from their site with Open Table or you can call 760-346-6393.  Lunch is offered daily from 11am and dinner begins at 5pm with breakfast available on the weekends from 8am.  Come for the great food, ambiance and live music.


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