By: Bronwyn Ison

Quieting the mind and resting the body may seem elusive for most of us.  Our lives are complex and it is likely we are not adjusting our schedules to make personal time a priority.  Does this sound familiar?  Welcome to how the general population reflects.  Have you considered meditation?  Does this practice seem out of the ordinary for you?  Simply make an appointment with yourself.



What is meditation?  Some may believe it refers to religion.  The contrary is true.   Meditation is the art of quieting the mind.  It can also be rejuvenating to the body.  Relaxing the mind and body may seem impossible to most type A personalities.  Meditation is simple when you allow yourself to be immersed.  The first step is transporting your self to be in the moment. What does this mean for you?  Find a quiet space. Turn off your phone.  Do not allow any possibility of interruption. If meditation is new territory for you, try to sit quietly for five minutes.  Five minutes may seem an eternity to you.  You may ask yourself, what do I do in those five minutes?  Sit with a complacent body and mind (the biggest challenge) and breath.


Where should I meditate?  Wherever you feel most comfortable.  Perhaps you prefer indoors to outdoors or vise versa.  Remember you are taking time for your self.


What are the benefits to meditation?  You can develop an opportunity to improve your concentration.  It mirrors a reset button.  If you meditate mid-day you can recharge your mind and body. Do little things bother you? Meditation can help you be in the present.  You may disregard the little things in life.  Focus on the now versus what has happened or what may occur.  Enhanced health may be linked to meditation.  Studies have shown that stress levels decrease in those who set time aside to meditate plus anxiety levels decrease.  Getting more acquainted with your self is also a benefit.  Developing a sense of self is important.


Here are a few tips before your begin.  It is recommended you meditate sitting up rather than lying down.  If you are tired you may fall asleep.  This may detract you from the purpose.  Focus on ONE thought.  Quiet the monkey mind and be in the NOW!  You can tame your mind.  Do not eat a heavy meal or drink alcohol prior to meditating.  Remember, baby steps in this process.  Begin with five-minute sessions and work towards more time as you progress.


Meditation classes with Tibetan singing bowls are offered at Evolve Yoga in La Quinta on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 7pm-8pm.  Visit for a schedule of classes or join us 50991 Washington Street, La Quinta, CA 92253.

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