by Mike Livingston; Host, The Clubhouse Radio Show

One of the strangest years in college football in sometime became a bit clearer this past week as the SEC Championship game wrapped-up with another Alabama win against Georgia, this time on the road in the Georgia Dome. In a game where it appeared Georgia would finally break through and take what was seemingly there for them the last several years, they had a lead early in the fourth quarter with momentum….funny thing about momentum, it changes quickly. Nick Saban, always the master in big games and these types of situations did it again as the Crimson Tide never blinked, even into the fourth quarter of a Championship game on the road, coming back to win handily and establish what the pollsters have been saying all year – regardless of that early loss, they are still the best team and they do belong in the National Championship Game because they are the best team in the country and will provide the best game……..
I’m not sure about that part of it all. I know Ohio State is undefeated and not eligible for Bowl competition this year but I’m not sure they’re better than Alabama anyway…..I have never thought Kansas State belongs in that elite top three…..I think the best GAME would be Alabama and Oregon, not even in their own conference championship game – how about that? Remember when the pre-season polls had USC and Oregon both in the Top 5 in the country?
With the BCS Championship game having been set, the exciting part now will be the formatting of the other BCS and Bowl games because of the excitement and parody we saw throughout the season…..We know we’ll be watching undefeated Notre Dame and their great season and even better story take on Alabama and their tumultuous year play for the crown. We’ll just have to wait awhile…..a long while.
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