The Body Deli presents an expanded Barbie doll collection at both of its locations in Palm Desert, featuring nearly 20 dolls, on display in a Palm Springs vacation setting. Being a pioneer for fresh, raw, and organic ingredients for face, body and hair care for over 20 years, this is the perfect location for Barbie and her friends to rejuvenate and enjoy the gourmet products that Master Cosmetic Chefs handcraft in small batches daily in their Cosmetic Kitchen.

The Body Deli has evolved into a global brand committed and dedicated to providing the absolute purest alternative for nourishing the face, body and hair. Celebrities, fashion designers, Fortune 500 leaders and health conscious people have fallen in love with The Body Deli’s unique, effective and wonderful creations, and now so has Barbie.

Co-owner Margaret Clark has been collecting Barbie dolls since she was a child, for over 60 years. She has now created an engaging vacation themed display at both the Highway 111 and El Paseo locations. The public is invited to visit the stores to see her amazing collection which features Vintage Barbie’s from the 1960’s, Ken Dolls from the 1970’s, and Barbie Mermaids from the 1980’s.

“We and our customers are having so much fun viewing the collections and reminiscing our younger years when so many of us had Barbie doll collections,” said Clark. “I thought what a perfect time to bring these dolls to life again, and with our product lines what a great setting for such a display.”


Co-owners Margaret Clark and David Parker opened The Body Deli in 2001. The original Body Deli is located at 73910 Highway 111, Suite B, in between Portola and San Luis Rey; and the second location is in the El Paseo Shopping District at 73560 El Paseo, Suite B.  For more information about The Body Deli, visit