By Denise Ortuno Neil

The street lights are dim as you move down the street. Maybe you’re just getting off work or walking your dog…and then you hear it, unfamiliar footsteps approaching behind you at a rapid pace. Then you wonder if the sound is emanating from a friend or foe? Or should the question really be…are you protected if it is the latter? Instead of wondering what lurks behind you or in the shadows, don’t even take the chance to roam about without some sort of protection against violence, arm yourself with non-fatal safety…arm yourself with a stun gun by StunTek.

It all started back in the 1700’s when static electricity became something more than rubbing your hands and creating a spark. Today it is something more. In an instance you can touch another person who may be potentially harmful and send them into oblivion…if just for a moment or two

StunTek, is a new business headed up by Michael Petrucelli, who was brought into the business through a close friend who wanted to promote her new product and bring it into the mainstream public. Petrucelli saw the need and viability of the stun gun line and decided to run with it, “I saw a need for a product that can keep people safe,” said Petrucelli.


The stun guns that Petrucelli represents are far different from the average ones on the market today, with higher amperage at .65 and an ion battery that when charged will last up to 10 months.

Brenda Martin, who is leading the sales and marketing for StunTek, is excited about putting the product into the hands of the public, “It’s needed for everybody.” She points out that the devise has many benefits and will aid a multitude of people. There are different aspects that make StunTek’s stun guns stand out from the others. Besides the higher amperage and long lasting battery, the stun gun works as a siren as well. There are two varieties of guns that they represent, one is a loaded hand held gun with all of the features and the other is a smaller lipstick sized unit that literally fits in the palm of your hand. The hand held gun, as the lipstick unit, has an ultra-bright flashlight that is perfect for guidance through the dark, and has a wrist band that attaches to it. If for any reason the gun is removed or ripped away in a struggle, an ear piercing siren will engage surely to scare away anyone with nefarious intentions…and that is without even having to use the stun gun itself. The only difference between the two units is the siren feature, which the lipstick variety does not offer. The units do come in many colors, and honestly, the lipstick version is pretty cool, as long as the user remembers to differentiate it from the real lipstick and not give her an unintentional lip plump.

Although StunTek is in a soft launch and in the early stages of sales, interest is gaining speed, with the product available on the shelves of places like Next Level Fitness. The product has a price tag of $59.95 for either unit. It is a simple and very usable safety product that does not require any license or permit to own or use. In today’s world, it is prudent to have some protection that is non-lethal and that will insure safety. Stun Tek’s stun guns will help the cautious be safe in stunning fashion.

For more information and purchase contact Brenda Martin at 707-494-3230