The majestic dog runs like the wind, prancing playfully through the lawn sprinkler to cool herself off. One can almost sense her unbridled joy at being freed from a shelter kennel. With golden eyes that mesmerize and look deep into your soul, Breezy appears to be a blend of Golden Retriever, Shepherd, and Kelpie.

Loving All Animals rescued this 2-year old dog from the San Bernardino County shelter at Devore. The shelter is at the base of the San Bernardino mountains in a remote low income area. She was brought in by animal control as a stray dog, and no one came looking to find her. We wish she could tell us the story of her past. We can only promise her a good future, one that includes a forever home where the humans will treasure and appreciate her uniqueness.

Her foster Mom, Debbie Karp, describes the dog she lovingly cares for, “Breezy is high energy, smart, house trained, and she loves playing with toys. I love to watch her run through the yard, and she sometimes chases insects and lizards. She loves it when we play a game of fetch. She enjoys car rides. Breezy hears everything, and would provide great protection for a family. She will make some lucky person a great companion.” Breezy is a 50 pound dog, and given her large size needs a home with a fenced in yard where she can play and run off her excess energy.


Breezy’s previous foster Dad, Lucas Van Den Elzen, found her to a playful and delightful dog. He reports, “Breezy is fun and very energetic. She loves playtime, particularly tug of war toys where she can interact with you. She enjoys a belly rub. This dog craves human attention, and should be in a home where people are around a lot. She is so smart, I taught her various commands and she learned them quickly. Breezy is house trained, and when I let her outside she goes right to the same spot in the back yard.”

Most large breed dogs like Breezy are incredibly smart and easy to train. Perhaps due to their larger size brains, they process new information easily and love to learn new things. It is no accident that law enforcement agencies, search and rescue teams, and the military seek out large dogs to perform complex life-saving tasks. Breezy is eager to please her humans, and thrives when she gets to learn new things and have new experiences.

Breezy provides excellent protection to her household, given her size and protective nature. Like other companion dogs, Breezy needs a home where she has access to be inside with her humans. No dog should be relegated to be an “outdoor only” pet for a number of reasons, including the suffering they would endure in the Coachella Valley heat. Breezy becomes very attached to people, and seeks out their companionship, content to lie at their feet in the evenings. Breezy would do best where she gets all the attention in an only-dog household.

Call Loving All Animals ( at (760) 834-7000 to schedule a “meet and greet” appointment if you are interested in adopting Breezy. Please also call if you would like to foster Breezy when her foster Mom goes on vacation. Big dogs like Breezy have big hearts, all the better to love you with!