By Angela Valente Romeo

It warms my heart when a gallery opens – more venues for art benefits us all. Art and Cultural Tourism are sustainable tourism.  Rebecca Fine Art and Studio 714 open October 3. The gallery is the passion of philanthropist, businessperson, and art collector, Rebecca Pikus.

“I don’t live in a one dimensional world. I know art feeds the soul,” stated Rebecca. “Art is an extremely powerful force. It can make us envision peace or war or love or hate. Today we live in a world of anxiety. There is war, global crisis of refugees, financial crises. I know that art can reflect all those things but it can also uplift us. Art is power. I knew this was the time for me to bring this gallery to life.”

Rebecca Fine Art Gallery is located at 68895 Perez Road, Cathedral City. “The Perez Road area is creating a new art district. Galleries, 14 of them to date, are part of the transformation of Cathedral City. The city is entering an art renaissance. It is exciting for me to be a part of this rebirth,” noted Rebecca. “My gallery joins Joannes Lucas Gallery, Leslie Porter Gallery, the Agnes Pelton Society, the list grows. Each of these galleries and venues has a unique point of view. My gallery will focus on contemporary artists with an international flair. I have 3400 square feet to showcase all that makes the contemporary art world exciting.”


“The gallery will open showcasing American sculptor Christopher James, Argentinian sculptor Mario Pikus, Dutch Artist William Werdult, and London-based artist Shana Johnson. Shana and Chris have roots in the Coachella Valley. Mario, my husband, has been a force in the local art community for 20 years. But I selected these artists for the quality of their work. They are passionate. Their art reflects their dedication to that passion. I also selected French artist Socrates, Italian painter Mauro Rosso and Cuban artist Juan-Manuel Alonso. My gallery will evoke the era when galleries were more than stores that sold ‘art’. I have a respect for these artists. I see artists not as commodities, but as priceless gifts. I have seen the new gallery paradigm that has little respect for the artist except for the volume of output.  While there are places for fungible art, my gallery is not that place. My goal is to mentor and nurture these artists.”

“The gallery also hosts a gallery within a gallery, Studio 714. Studio 714 will host solo artist shows. The first artist will be former street artist, Peter Mikulak. He collaborated with Christopher James on the Popalyptic Marilyn. Portions of the proceeds from the sale of this piece will benefit the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission.”

Rebecca Pikus has always been a woman who did not wish dreams, she created them. “I have had many phases in my life, but they were all designed to lead to this place, this gallery. I grew up in New Orleans, a city with a reputation for lust and life. My professional life began in the publishing world working for Harcourt Brace. I worked in the legal field. I worked on many lawsuits including the Artist Live/Work Loft litigation. This litigation helped grow Soho into the art community we now know. I raised my children and supported Mario in his career. I returned to school and earned a degree in Psychology. I worked as a psychotherapist. For the past 8 years I have been one of the top real estate brokers in the Coachella Valley. But the constant in my life has been and remains art. Mario and I have spent our lives uniting people and causes. I am proud to say that Mario and I will be honored on the Walk of Stars for our humanitarian work. It is wonderful to be recognized by our community. More than art, we are people who care deeply about others.”

Rebecca Fine Art ( and Studio 714 ( join the Greater Palm Springs Area and continue to validate the notion that we are embracing the arts. Rebecca Pikus by drawing on international and local artists brings another opportunity for art to enhance our lives. Rebecca stated “Rebecca Fine Art and Studio 714 will be places that welcome discussions about art. They will be the places one comes to experience art and fall in love with the power of art.  They will enhance the Valley’s position as home for artists, collectors and those who love the challenge of beauty.”

Rebecca Fine Art Gallery, 68895 Perez Rd, Suites 7 & 8, Cathedral City, Ca 92234  (760) 534-5888 – “International Flair” – Opening Sat. Oct. 3  with Dance Performance by the Simeon Den Company:  Japanese “Butoh.”

One-Man Show: Peter Mikulak, “Urban Rebirth” – Rebecca Fine Art Gallery/Studio 714 – 68895 Perez Rd, Cathedral City, Ca 92234 (760) 534-5888 – Sat. Oct. 3 & Sun. Oct. 4, 6-10pm and Oct. 9-11, 6-10pm benefitting Coachella Valley Rescue Mission.

  • Rebecca Pikus

  • Christopher James & Peter Mikulak's Popalyptic Marilyn

  • Christopher James

  • Peter Mikulak

  • Juan-Manuel Alonso

  • Mauro Rosso

  • Mario Pikus

  • William Verdult

  • Shana Johnson

  • Socrates