Beauty is defined by the Miriam-Webster as the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit.

When we think in terms of this definition, we must break down and examine each word within the definition of beauty. When we think in terms of each of our senses experiencing pleasure, we must consider not only the things that are visually pleasing, but also those things which are pleasing to the touch, taste, smell and hearing. And furthermore, these sensations we experience must exalt us, or lift up our spirit, and make us feel good.
What makes us feel good varies considerably from one individual from another. Generally when one listens to soothing or uplifting music he or she will experience pleasure, which is a thing of beauty. To touch a luxurious fabric or pet a soft animal, or even feel hot stones against the skin is another way to experience beauty. The pleasure in the sensation as well as the personal connection formed when touching and experiencing joy is certainly a thing of beauty. And taking pleasure in tasting something delectable is, most foodies will agree, a most beautiful thing.
What is most fascinating about the definition of beauty is that experiencing it should make one feel exalted. Beauty should bring a feeling of peace, joy, love, contentment or pleasure. And since we all want to experience pleasurable things, we can easily search out simple ways to experience at least one beautiful thing each day. Imagine if you were able to visit an art gallery every day to look at your favorite masterpiece, walk through a flower garden, or listen to a symphony. While we might not be able to have profound experiences every day, if we look at the everyday events in a new light we may find the magic and beauty in the simplest of things such as holding a child’s hand, hearing the birds sing at sunrise, or watching the desert flowers bloom.
Beauty feeds the soul. It serves as inspiration. And beauty is everywhere and in everything. Clearly we aren’t discussing traditional concepts of aesthetic beauty, the kind that requires symmetry and standards of comparison. We are talking about beauty that is personal and changes with each unique perspective; the good ole beauty is in the eye of the beholder type of beauty. Since what individuals find beautiful can vary greatly, one could even go so far to say there is no limit to the amount of beauty in the world.
So don’t go another day without experiencing and appreciating something beautiful. You can find beauty in the most simple things, from a fallen leaf to a random act of kindness. Don’t strive to just have a good day, have a beautiful day. After all, it’s whatever you say it is. You are the one who makes it beautiful.


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