By Elizabeth Scarcella and Aimee Mosco

“The term ‘light’ is interchangeable with the term ‘energy’ and it sums up the evolution story of the human spirit. As we ascend and allow more refined light to infiltrate the space we claim, we become ‘enlightened’ beings, literally.” (pg. 19 Gratitude + Forgiveness x(Love) = Happiness)

Think about all of the references you associate with ‘light’. To name a few:

  • Something ‘of the light’ typically means that it is good.
  • ‘Bright’ means intelligent.
  • To ‘shed light’ on something means that you have uncovered a previously unknown truth.
  • To become ‘enlightened’ means that you have reached a higher level.

It’s easy to understand why humanity has subconsciously embraced these references for light when you know that light is synonymous with life-force energy.


The word ‘enlightenment’ itself can feel intimidating because it is often associated with mysterious and secret information. Many people believe that only those who choose an arduous path and dedicate themselves to spiritual study are able to reach a state enlightenment.

That’s just fake news!

‘Light’, in the context of enlightenment, simply represents a higher form of Universal truth. And the thing to keep in mind is that LOVE effortlessly connects you with cosmic, earthly and inner truths. The energy of LOVE is not only refined light, it is the standard for refined light. Therefore, the more you center yourself in love, the more refined light you are circulating through your energy field. Integration of more refined light equals enlightenment. You will naturally be drawn to exploring higher consciousness and Universal truth with ease as your energy field begins to upshift from LOVE.

  • You don’t need to meditate on a mountain top and let your armpit hair grow into dreadlocks to become enlightened.
  • You don’t need to study with a guru and starve yourself of the material things you enjoy to become enlightened.
  • You don’t need to follow in the footsteps of anyone else “who knows the way” to become enlightened.

You will get the job done in the most beautiful and magical way if you commit yourself to bringing more LOVE into your life today than you did yesterday.

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