New Exhibit at the Museum of Ancient Wonders Installs African Treasures

Cathedral city CA


Beginning August 1st, the Museum of Ancient Wonders premieres a rare collection of artifacts from the continent of Africa, with thirty-six ancient masks and sculpture dating from 2,000 years ago, to the mid-1800s, representing 12 central African countries and 27 indigenous communities are presented in the Museum of Ancient Wonders’ Behind the Mask: Ancient African Traditions and Mysticism, a very special gift from Heather James Fine Art Gallery.

From a Nok terracotta head of 100 C.E. (Current Era) to the beginning of the 19th Century, this diverse collection of masks and sculpture celebrates the ancient tradition of ritual and mysticism from time immemorial. These once used sacred and revered objects are honored and beloved in addition to being feared.

For the people of ancient civilization, masks and sculpture represent the invisible force assigned to it, which may be the spirit of a wise ancestor, a tutelary deity, or any embodiment of supernatural power from the animal kingdom.  Whoever wears a mask combines and unites their strength to the spirit associated with it, enhancing value, and heightening power, creating a mystical empyreal bond between the past and present, the honored living and the sacred dead.


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