By Craig Michaels

Born and raised right here in the 760, Bianca Fort has been the mid-day personality on U92.7 for the past 7 years. Her career at the Desert Radio Group actually began 10 years ago when Bianca was still attending Palm Springs High as a freshman. As a regular listener, Bianca became pretty good at winning prizes from her current station. One day she came in to pick up a prize and wound up getting a tour of the studios. Excited to meet and learn about the voices she heard on the air, Bianca decided to enroll in a radio intern program offered at her high school. While other students were busy with sports and after school activities, Bianca began opening a door to broadcasting. After interning during her freshman and sophomore year, her big break would finally come at the age of 16 when she was hired to work the sound board for station remotes. She would eventually get her turn on the mic working weekend air shifts.

At the age of 23, Bianca’s persistence paid off when she was promoted to midday show where you can listen to her weekdays from 10am to 3pm. Bianca’s up-beat and friendly personality is very addicting to listen to. She shared with me why she feels her show is so relatable to listeners; “Before I worked in radio, I was that listener that always called in and built a relationship with the DJs. I think that helps me to connect with my listeners better.”

In addition to the mid-day show, Bianca was also given the title of music director for her station that plays top 40 music. Over the years she has had the chance to meet many of the artist she plays such as, Kanye West, Chris Brown, Drake and Pitbull just to name a few. Bianca admits staying relevant is not always easy; “The most challenging part of doing a radio show for me is; keeping things fresh, new and interesting. With all the different outlets for music now, you really have to give your listeners a reason to tune in each day.”  But she adds, “I am truly blessed to be able to wake up every day and get paid for doing what I love to do!”


Looking to expand her audience and radio career, Bianca saw an ad in a trade magazine for a radio host in Joplin Missouri. In addition to her current show on U92.7, she also syndicates a mid-day show on KSYN 92.5 in Joplin. When she’s not on the air, she is posting entertainment and music news on her website;  Her goal is to increase the number of syndicated shows and to become a part of a morning show.

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Written by: Craig Michaels
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