By Rich Henrich

It’s never easy to say goodbye to a friend or a family member especially when they have provided a voice to the voiceless and compassionate caring across the community. When that person has not only served with saintly servitude but also provided vision and inspiration for so many to believe in the courage of their own convictions, it becomes a bittersweet heartbreak to say farewell. Bianca Rae has become both friend and family to the Coachella Valley for the past seven years providing award-winning coverage on critical issues across the valley and warming our hearts with charitable passion.  As she embarks on the next chapter of her life and career, the story of a person and a place with forever be intertwined as the desert provided a spectacular foundation that nurtured her faith and talent while increasing her humanistic yearnings to help the children and animals across the Coachella Valley. Bianca Rae announced that she will be expanding her horizon in a new position with Spectrum News 1 SoCal as a News Reporter.

“It’s been a crazy, wild few weeks,” says the newly minted reporter. “I was in Croatia with my family on a pilgrimage when I received the offer. I so love the desert and owe my career to the opportunities I’ve had in Palm Springs. From the support KESQ gave me to the guidance my mentors provided to the love my friends shared with me- it all shaped me and prepared me for this next step. It’s truly the definition of bittersweet. Palm Springs started it all and I’ll never forget that.” The somber sincerity in her voice rings with as much sadness as hope. Bianca Rae was looking to grow in her career as a journalist and had been praying for direction. She didn’t want to leave the desert unless the right opportunity appeared. She already turned down several promising offers trusting that the Los Angeles market would eventually be the place to challenge her professional growth.

However, a leap to the number two market from Palm Springs is not a common path without several station stops in between. Her pilgrimage with her mother and sister took her to Medjugorje, a town near the Croatian border, considered to be the Bosnian Holy Land, a place known for miracles. As they traveled by bus with a group of others also on a pilgrimage, the news arrived.”It was so incredible to be there with my family, in this place known for miracles, when I found out about the offer. I had been praying for a really long time. We started crying on the bus with strangers around us but by the end, they all knew my story and were praying for my future. It’s an experience I will never forget,” the miracle still reverberating in her essence.


Bianca Rae will be seen across Southern California on Spectrum News 1. We will still see her covering character-driven news stories that help build community on the 24/7 news network as the valley falls within the reach of the broadcast market. Even better news, the Bianca Rae Foundation will continue the mission to help children and animals in the Coachella Valley as well as expanding the initiatives in Orange County. She has found a new church to call home and has already reached out to the animal shelter to advance the efforts of the foundation. “It’s been scary for me to take such a huge jump especially because I value my roots and community so much. This feels right and I’m proud of myself for taking the leap of faith,” she says.

This week she will be in the valley to hold the first-ever Bianca Rae Foundation Rae of Hope Retreat For Boys presented by G & M Oil Company. For the past four years, the retreat has focused on teaching girls. “It’s really important that we help boys develop into men with good moral character and values and teach them how to have confidence and make good choices,” she says with punctuated conviction. The retreat will bring together community mentors and leaders from Brandon Wiemer (Brandini Toffey) and Jeremy Chen (KESQ) to Palm Springs Police Chief, Brian Reyes and many other great men in the community to help instill critical values. Next week, Nov. 17th, Gardens to the Rescue pet adoption event will be held at The Gardens on El Paseo on Saturday, from 11:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. Dogs will be available for adoption, along with live music and vendors. For more information on how you can contribute your time, treasure and talent to these important charities, please go to: for more information.

We love you to the moon and back and wish you well in the adventure ahead! You will always have a home with us in the Coachella Valley, Bianca Rae! All the blessings to you!