By Janet McAfee

Boozehounds is a spectacular local restaurant that caters to Coachella Valley dogs and their humans who love to dine with them.  This pet-friendly gourmet restaurant, café and bar, opened its doors on April 27 in Palm Springs.  What makes this venue unique is the inclusion of a doggie menu where Fido can select an entree or snack and dine along with you.  What could be more fun for your beloved pup than an outing with you and getting treated to a special dish?

Small and large businesses everywhere realize that it’s good business to welcome well behaved leashed canines with their customers.  Restaurant patrons in most patio cafes can bring their dog and sit outside, though indoor dining areas are human-only in compliance with California health and safety codes. Boozehounds is the first Coachella Valley restaurant and bar that provides a special menu with healthy dishes for dogs.  Their beautifully designed atrium and patio happily welcome lots of canines.

There are some amazing dishes on their menu for folks with gourmet taste.  Globally inspired, locally influenced dishes include vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free selections.  The 48-hour miso-marinated Chilean sea bass is beyond description.  Adobe Chicken with spiced coconut vinegar along with slow roasted baby carrots in almond milk sauce is another tempting dish.  The bar menu offers an amazing array of original cocktails.  Fido has several main dishes to select from including a Chicken Bowl containing grilled chicken, steamed rice, and mixed cauliflower.  There are also a variety of treats and snacks for the pups including Turkey Gizzards.


Boozehounds is the creation of three long-time friends from Los Angeles who immigrated to Palm Springs.  Dog lovers Jimmy McGill, Steve Piacenza and Bryan Rogers wanted to create a restaurant where the focus is on the canines.  They also sought to provide a site that benefits homeless dogs, collaborating efforts with the Palm Springs Animal Shelter and other animal rescue organizations.  Proceeds from one of their unique cocktails goes to the shelter.

Co-owner Jimmy McGill explains, “Because we’re deeply indebted to our special city, we also intend to give back through events and fundraisers with an emphasis on our friends at the Palm Springs Animal Shelter.  As a part time volunteer, I’ve seen first-hand how dedicated their entire team is when it comes to providing love, attention, and assistance in fostering and adoptions of cats and dogs.”  Hosting monthly animal adoption events may be in Boozehound’s future.

The restaurant’s logo pays tribute to McGill and Piacenza’s own pet, a beloved rescue dog named Striker who passed away after 18 years.  They adopted Striker from the Pasadena Humane Society, he was a treasured member of the family, and his legacy lives on at Boozehounds. Boozehound’s website explains, “We started Boozehounds for one simple reason, we love our dogs.  We wanted to create a contemporary multifaceted space where people can socialize with their pups.”

Bryan Rogers posted, “For the past 6 months, myself, Jimmy, Steve, and Jeni have poured our hearts and souls into building this and it’s finally here.  If you’re coming out to Palm Springs anytime soon, come check us out.”  Located on the property formerly occupied by Dink’s Restaurant and Ultra Lounge, the venue has spacious outdoor seating to accommodate many canine guests.  The décor and views of the mountains are stunning.

Plan your visit soon!  The human menu is delicious, Fido will love it, and we love their commitment to rescue!  Visit Boozehounds at 2080 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, (760) 656-0067;  Follow them on Instagram at @boozehoundsps.  Boozehounds is open 7 days a week with coffee service beginning at 8:00 am. The dogs give this venue a 5-Star Woof!