Ahhhh, the aroma of peppermint, lavender, chamomile, sage, and rose are just a few scents topping the list of essential oil favorites. Essential oils are made from plants the carry a scent and are the essence of the plant. For thousands of years essential oils have been used medicinally and cosmetically. The ancient Egyptians and Chinese found essentials oils to be as valuable as gold. Many essential oils have been credited to assist or treat problems to include, acne, digestion issues, killing germs and enhancing concentration. The ancients discovered by placing the oils on specific areas of the body one could find relief. Many spas and retreat centers around the world use essential oils on their guests to assist in enhancing relaxation and positive energy. Aside from the fragrance essential oils produce they also occur naturally and are chemical-free.

In most circumstances and upon the directions on the bottle you’ll likely dilute many essential oils. Peppermint is powerful and is a bright scent. Depending on how you plan to use peppermint oil it’s one that is often diluted. It has been known to relieve nausea, stomach issues, relieve overworked muscles and alleviate itching. It’s also been known to cool sore throats, fight congestion, and ease headaches. Yet, it’s also helpful as a quick pick-me-up and improving concentration.

Lavender is considered the one go-to oil for nearly anything. This oil is gentle enough to use undiluted. Lavender has antibacterial properties allowing it to kill germs. It can be applied for the home and body alike. Much like peppermint, it aids digestion and helps with headaches. It’s soft and soothing scent may calm the central nervous system, improve sleep quality, combat joint pain as well as fight urinary tract disorders and upper respiratory problems. Last but not least it could aid with high blood pressure as well.

The health benefits of sesame oil go beyond beauty. Sesame is best known for its moisturizing qualities and is excellent for hair and skin treatments. The oil also contains a slight hint of SPF factor. It’s believed the fatty acids in the oil help lower stress and blood pressure, and has shown to slow the growth process of cancer cells.


Rose oil. The name says it all and is considered “the ultimate woman’s oil.” Its aroma is very sweet and can often be found on the shelves labeled as Rose Otto, rose oil, or rose essential oil. The oil is best known to balance hormones, treat PMS and menopause, as well as improve the look and health of your skin.

Spicy clove oil is popular for aiding many conditions. Holistic health practitioners use clove for dental issues, including gum and tooth pain, and is recommended for bad breath. It’s also an antiseptic, helps clear earaches, digestion issues, nasal congestion, stomachaches, and headaches. But, also helps treat a hangover and an added bonus, it is considered an aphrodisiac – hence a popular form of stress relief.

Among the other favorites black pepper makes the list. Pepper has been known to be one of the world’s most valuable spices. Its healing properties are attractive and aid digestion, warming muscles, moderating cramps and convulsions, curing bacterial infections and eases joint and arthritic pains.

Prior to using essential oils it’s “essential” to read all labels and instructions before application or brewing your own concoction. Essential oils have thriving benefits but should be used in moderation and handled with care. Most oils can be found at your local health food stores or online.

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