By Dr. Maria Lombardo

Most women want to have a curvy figure but there are many women whose overly curvy figure causes problems. A disproportionately large chest can make it difficult to find clothes that fit. From undergarments that are supportive enough but still look feminine to shirts that won’t button across the front with out gapping, shopping can be a chore. If you can find something that fits across the chest it very often doesn’t fit through the waist and you can look wide or thick because of all the extra fabric.

But clothing fit is not the worst of the problems that women with large chests face. Carrying around extra weight can cause stress and pain to the neck, upper back and shoulders. Some women have grooves in the shoulders where the bra strap sits, holding up all the extra weight. Infections between and under the breasts are quite common as well.

Often women with large breasts are not as physically active as they would like to be because the extra tissue “gets in the way” or makes running and jumping sports impossible because of uncomfortable or painful bouncing.


Breast reduction surgery is a wonderful option to improve back and neck pain, re-establish a more proportionate figure and restore self-confidence. The surgery is a same-day procedure, so the patient goes home after surgery and usually feels less neck and back pain and can stand up straighter almost immediately. Breast reduction patients are very happy with their new shape and often regret not having done the surgery sooner.

Women who are suffering from symptoms of large and heavy breasts may be eligible for insurance coverage for the reduction. A preauthorization process can determine if your individual policy covers the procedure and if you are a candidate for the surgery through your insurance. Not all plans provide coverage, but most do.

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