By Lisa Morgan –

Many already know Bronwyn Ison as one of our valley’s most celebrated yoga instructors and health writers.  A quick look at her website and you find that this is one motivated, driven woman predisposed to hard work leading to success:  a Cum Laude graduate of Arizona State with a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Broadcast Journalism from the prestigious Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, a recipient of the Kenneth Heady Scholarship in affiliation with the Arizona Broadcasters Association (one of the most prestigious awards given), a student also of American Sign Language,  a writer, producer, working behind and on camera as a reporter, anchor and television host. The sky was the limit for Bronwyn in her occupation of choice.  But as for many of us, life forced big changes for Bronwyn.  Facing a heartbreaking divorce with two small, beautiful daughters to care for on her own, Bronwyn left Arizona and returned to her family here in the Coachella Valley for the love and support she would need to redefine herself.

Bronwyn had always been health conscious and involved in physical activity as a dancer and a competitive swimmer.  But had it not been for a foot injury, Yoga may not have been a part of her destiny or her internal healing.  Her physical therapist recommended that Bronwyn take Yoga to strengthen the ankle and entire leg after surgery and a terrible bout of atrophy. She did so and found herself studying under some very well recognized names in Yoga.  “Yoga is great for people going through stress,” she explains, saying that “it is not only a very physical activity, but it also allows you to decompress as yoga hits on all areas of mind body and spirit. Lessons learned on the matt, you take into life.”  Bronwyn explains that everyone is challenged on the matt at some point and then, in time, things all of a sudden “click” and you are able to accomplish your goal.  Suddenly, when you find yourself challenged in life off of the matt, you discover you have learned to relax, breathe and let the answers come.

Bronwyn, now the owner of Evolve Yoga and Founder of Rockin’ Yoga also instructs at one of the most prestigious clubs in the country, The Vintage Club in Indian Wells.  It is evident in watching Bronwyn that she truly cares about her students and isn’t just taking them through the motions.  Each “Vinyasa” class (linking movement with breath) is diverse, engaging, challenging, and focuses on precise alignment, and most of all is fun! Her public classes are conducted at the Empire Polo Club in Indio.  A Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) with a diploma from Yoga Works, Bronwyn has been named a Lululemon Athletica Ambassador for 2012/2013. She also writes for Desert Health News, The Gem, and is a weekly columnist for Coachella Valley Weekly.


Bronwyn and her “little yoginis”, Birelle now 8, and Bryna 5, enjoy a healthy happy life together.  How does she do it all?  “I have my moments,” she laughs, “but I feel like I’m at the healthiest time in my life.  I keep moving and stay healthy.  I have no time to be unhealthy!”  She goes on to say with noted gratitude, “I truly know I wouldn’t be where I am today without my supportive family and friends.  I grew up here in the Coachella Valley (a Palm Desert High School alumni).  So many people in this community have supported me and contributed to my success.”

Her greatest joy, aside from her family, is watching her students grow in the trusting environment she provides them.  When asked what the future holds for her, there’s a sparkle in her eye and a knowing smile on her face.  She won’t reveal much except to say that she “sees a whole lot of good things on the horizon.”

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