By Tricia Witkower

Almost 30 years after the release of their debut studio album, Sixteen Stone (certified 6x Platinum by the RIAA and boasting three chart-topping hits), Bush has released a career-spanning compilation album. Loaded: the Greatest Hits 1994-2023 features seven #1 hits, as well as new song, “Nowhere to Go but Everywhere”. To support the album, Bush is touring North America this fall, wrapping up at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino this Friday, December 8. I spoke with Gavin Rossdale, lead singer and rhythm guitarist, ahead of their show.

“Working on a new album is always my focus, but this was fun to put together. It was a celebration of where we’ve been, where we are now.” Chronologically, the biggest hits made it on the album, but it wasn’t easy to leave some songs out. “I would have liked to include “War Machine” and “After Life”. I guess I’ll have to leave that for the deluxe version of the greatest hits,” he chuckles.

Bush’s music, while rooted in grunge and alternative rock, incorporates elements of post-punk and hard rock. Their early albums are marked by powerful guitar riffs, melodic hooks, and Rossdale’s distinctive raspy vocals. The lyrics often touch on themes of introspection, relationships, and personal struggles. As the band evolved over the years, their sound underwent some change. In later albums, they experimented with a more polished and mainstream rock sound, incorporating elements of electronic music and altering their production approach. Despite these changes, the band has maintained a recognizable core sound characterized by Rossdale’s emotive vocals and the dynamic interplay of guitars.


When asked how they’ve been able to evolve their sound and style over the years in ways that still draw in the fans they’ve had since day one, Rossdale says, “It’s interesting, right, because when you first begin, the worst thing anyone can say about you is, ‘he doesn’t mean it’. There’s this balance between being exalted and being perceived as inauthentic. What I’ve managed to do is never try to be anything other than myself. It’s not like I lose a veneer. It’s always been me all along. The words I got right, the style I write in, just remained constant. What I notice is that it’s so much to do with the emotional connection to the band. Music is such a huge part of people’s lives – it creates insane memories and hearing music you love makes the room really full of energy. I know it sounds ridiculous because I’m not a hippie. But it’s hard for most people to exist, so many terrible things happening to people on the inside. We are all riddled with damage from growing up. What was on everyone’s plate was never as good as you think. So, music’s the best thing for that. It resolves that bravado. Connects to your true self.” (Rossdale also humbly dismisses the word ‘fan’, insisting it’s a limiting word and there are just “people who like our music”.)

Bush has played in the Coachella Valley before, at a small event (Desert Smash charity tennis event) but wasn’t full band. They’re excited to play in Indio on Friday. “You’re the last show of the year for us. We aim to be nothing short of fantastic at our shows. Some nights we reach it, some fall on our face,” he laughs. “Best thing about the band is there’s a standard it doesn’t dip below. Because I can’t dream of doing anything other than everything I can to make it great. Our support network is lethal as fuck every night. Every one of them wants it to be great. Doesn’t matter where we play, we play with the same intensity. That’s key to why we get rated well live. Our lives depend on it.”

“And,” he says, “I’ll probably kick it off with some tequila.”

Catch Bush on the final leg of their Nowhere to Go but Everywhere Tour at 8 pm on Friday, December 8 at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino. Purchase your tickets here: