By Bronwyn Ison

In times of vast uncertainty, we must remain calm within the storm.  We’re all in this together as one.  It may be that you feel blindsided by what is occurring in the world.  Financially, emotionally and physically we are under incredible stress. However, I have good news for you… we can make a choice and have control over much.

Adjusting to change is one of the most challenging things a human being can adapt to in life. Why?  Change means a change in routine, a possible loss and getting uncomfortable.  Each one of us is experiencing change in every form.  Financially we may be burdened.  Emotionally we are drained.  Physically we may feel weak. 

With respects to finances, hopefully you have a reserve.  Yet, the average American generally lives paycheck to paycheck.  Fortunately, there is temporary relief on the way. 


One way I’ve turned this crisis into a positive, I have control over my attitude and well-being. 

We have choices in life.  This dramatic and unforeseen circumstance has taken control of the entire world. I decided, this virus, COVID19, may prevent us from being social with one another and it may increase our hygienic routine but I will make the choice to remain positive and calm in the storm.

It may be that you were mandated by the State of California to close your business.  I can relate. I am an entrepreneur and I closed my business.  This had made me feel  stressed and it’s been tiresome. However, I became creative and learned better how I can serve my clientele by offering my services online.  This is a great advantage to learn something new and how to be innovative with your business. 

As a parent, this can be emotionally draining.  It’s likely, you recently made an area or portion of your home a school.  Relish in the time you are able to stay home with your child or children. I’m having a great time revisiting subjects in school and I’m adjusting to the new ways of learning. Plus, consider the advantage your children have at this time in their lives. They get to be creative, get outside when they want to, snack during the school day.  It’s essentially homeschooling.

If you approach each day of our mandated quarantine with positivity, you will find that your home is calmer and your stress levels will decrease.  Take heed in this moment. We all have something we’ll take away from this experience.

Remain well and healthy. We will fight this one day at a time. We can do this!

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Bronwyn Ison is the Founder of Yoga On Demand & Better For It Now, 7-Essential Principles to improved self-care, confidence and wellness. 14 online yoga classes and 7 audio mediations. Contact Bronwyn at

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