Michele Havner is the award-winning Chief Marketing Officer for Cannabis 21+. With a Business Administration degree from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Havner has successfully developed innovative marketing solutions for various companies in her 30+ year career. Throughout that time, she has leveraged the depth and breadth of her experience to expand brand reach and capture critical market share in global markets. With Cannabis 21+, she continues to facilitate a “positive attitude, professional competence, and balanced client service” as described by a former employee.

Cannabis 21+ bolsters multiple family-owned facilities in Southern California with its largest store in Palm Desert, California. The most recently opened dispensary is located at 26120 Cordoba Drive in Hemet, California. Open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday and until 10 p.m. on weekends, the Hemet site can be reached at (951) 260-0380.

Coachella Valley Weekly recently communicated with Havner to learn more about her continued advocacy, the gravity of customer service and the future of Cannabis 21+.

CVW: How did you become to be involved in the cannabis industry?


Havner: “We’ve been involved in the legal cannabis business since 2013, beginning in Washington State. We saw the benefit cannabis can have on helping people live their best lives, and we wanted to help break the stigma of cannabis use. When we talk to our customers and they can finally get a good night’s sleep, have relief from pain, PTSD, or depression, or even just being able to relax after a hard day of work, it reinforces our reason for being in the industry”.

CVW: You are California’s largest dispensary and have multiple sites. As businesses grow, many times the quality of service diminishes. Your staff have consistently been applauded by both new and returning clients. How have you been able to keep customer service a priority?

Havner: “By ensuring we have a strong vision for our company and relay that to our team, hiring amazing people, and providing incredible and on-going training. We also want to ensure when we have a great employee, we keep them in the family. Our budtenders are our voice, our face to our customers, so ensuring every transaction is the best possible experience is always our goal”.

CVW: Do you have any Daily Specials you’d like to feature?

Havner: “We want all our customers to be part of our text deals. Every Tuesday and Friday, we offer 15% off with a text; Sundays are buy 3, get 1 for just 1 cent. And we also text additional deals out so joining our texting program pays off”.

CVW: There continues to be a criminalization and superstition surrounding both medicinal and recreational use of marijuana. What would you like to share to help more individuals understand the need for both?

Havner: “Breaking the stigma of cannabis use is an important mission for our company. That is why it’s important that our budtenders be well-versed and able to assist customers with various needs. Every visit is a one-on-one consultation to ensure the customer leaves with the right product, whether you are socializing with your friends, need a good night’s sleep, are suffering from arthritis or other chronic pain, have PTSD or other reasons.  Responsible cannabis use can improve many people’s lives and we feel responsible cannabis users should have legal access without facing stigma”.

CVW: Your buildings are aesthetically pleasing and are state-of-the-art with regard to cannabis shops. What can you tell us about the design and purpose of a cannabis shop?

Havner: “First, we want to be welcoming to our customers – whether you are a first-time customer or seasoned user. We want it to be comfortable, bright, professional and an enjoyable place to visit. We put a great deal of energy into ensuring our customers and budtenders have a great space to fully experience what Cannabis 21+ has to offer”.

CVW: Would you like to share about your delivery services?

Havner: “Our fast, friendly and secure delivery is an excellent way to experience Cannabis 21+. We have no delivery fee; just a minimum spent starting as low as $50 and delivered right to your home, hotel or Airbnb. Order online at shopc21plus.com or call our store and talk to a budtender”.

CVW: You are involved in multiple charity events. Why is it important for you to give back to the communities you do business in?

Havner: “As a local business, we appreciate everyone who has welcomed us and helped us grow in Palm Desert. And because we are part of the local community, we feel it is important to give back to the community we are in. We always look to partner with charities close to our heart and companies that will have the largest impact on the local community. As we enter new markets, we will continue to put this in the forefront. While we are growing, we remain a ‘mom and pop shop’ and will continue to become part of the communities we are in”.

CVW: You have locations in Mission Valley, Sorrento Valley, Palm Desert, Ukiah, Hemet and coming soon to Riverside. What are your plans for further expansion?

Havner: “Yes, Mission Valley in San Diego was our first store. Sorrento Valley (San Diego), Ukiah, Palm, Hemet are now open, Lake Elsinore and Riverside will open in the next 30 days. We are planning two in San Francisco by mid-summer and one in Santa Rosa”.

CVW: Anything else you’d like to add or for me to highlight?

Havner: “As California’s Cannabis Superstore, we will continue to bring the best products at incredible discounts, with amazing service from the most knowledgeable budtenders”.