By Crystal Harrell

Cannabis 21+ opened its doors in February of 2021 in Palm Desert, with a mission of making cannabis more accessible to first-time users. So often, first-time dispensary buyers can feel overwhelmed when walking into the dispensary and seeing all the different strains and products available. The goal at Cannabis 21+ is to provide a safe and comfortable space where all buyers can learn about cannabis from the knowledgeable and friendly budtenders and get the product they need.

Expert budtenders will guide customers through the process to ensure they leave with the best cannabis product for them. After answering a few simple questions about a customer’s cannabis intentions, they will suggest a selection of products that are the right fit.

“We remain family-owned, women-owned and veteran-owned. We have the lowest prices, guaranteed—as well as the highest quality products with superior service. Every interaction is a one-on-one consultation. Our budtenders have one goal: to ensure you find the product that will best suit your needs. Cannabis 21+ has unbeatable prices, unmatched quality, and superior service,” shared Michele Havner, Chief Marketing Officer of Cannabis 21+.


Cannabis 21 + prides itself as California’s Cannabis Superstore, promising the guaranteed lowest prices as compared to any local licensed dispensary. Beyond its every day low prices, it also offers other daily deals. By joining the loyalty program, customers will get points for every dollar purchased, leading to even greater price savings on marijuana purchases. To make your dispensary shopping experience even better, Cannabis 21+ has out-the-door pricing; all taxes are included.

“Our goal as a company is to help normalize the use of responsible cannabis use. We believe cannabis can enhance many individual’s lives, whether to aid with sleep, anxiety, depression, relaxation, focus, creativity or just to unwind and socialize with friends.  As such, we want to continue to have our Cannabis 21+ stores to be a welcoming, fun, comfortable space for all current and potential customers. We also continue to ensure our budtenders are well-educated on all our products to ensure they can get just the right product for your needs,” said Havner.

Licensed by a U.S. state for almost a decade, Cannabis 21+, which does business as Cannabis 21+, C21+, SDRC, and more brands to come across California, looks forward to adding more people to its family of loyal, exceedingly satisfied customers and patients. It is a family-owned business that has additional locations in San Diego, Hemet, Lake Elsinore, and Ukiah, CA.

Cannabis 21+ has an extensive list of brands across flower, vapes, pre-rolls, edibles, and more. Some of its newest brands include Chronic Carts, exclusively sold in California at Cannabis 21+. Also included are Tyson 2.0, Pure Beauty flower, pre-rolls, Yada Yada, and American Weed.

Additionally, Cannabis 21+ carries favorites like Jeeter, Jetty, CBX Flower & Concentrates Dime Bag Flower, Gelato Pre-rolls and Gummies, Kiva Caminos, Highatus Gummies, Zenleaf clones and more.

“We have been thrilled that the wonderful community of Palm Desert has welcomed us with open arms! We love all the friends we’ve made, including the Sun Valley Billiards Club, and cannot wait to meet those new to the community. Working with such an amazing group of passionate, dedicated and energetic people and meeting all the incredible people who come to our stores is the best part of my job,” revealed Havner.

Cannabis 21+ will host a Halloween event that will feature scary deals all day long, and you never know who might show up—as the budtenders love to outdo themselves in their costumes. Every single day, Cannabis 21+ features a special deal, whether a buy 1 and get 1 for 1 cent, 15% off, or other specials, there is always savings to be had.

Shop Cannabis 21+ online at or follow the dispensary on Instagram @cannabis21pluspd.