By Crystal Harrell

Cannabis 21+ Palm Desert is a family-owned facility and the operator’s largest dispensary yet—reaching 14,000 square feet to form a super “Deal Store” to serve the entire Coachella Valley. Known as the premier family, women, veteran, and privately-owned licensed cannabis dispensary operator in California, Cannabis 21+ opened its largest store in Palm Desert last year and is approaching the first anniversary of the store opening.

“We have had a fantastic year in the desert. We’ve met so many amazing people and we’ve been excited to grow and integrate into the community. We can’t wait for more exciting events and programs we’ll be bringing to Palm Desert,” stated Director of Marketing, Michele Havner.

Cannabis 21+ Palm Desert has 15 stations where visitors are offered 1 on 1 private consultation covering the 1,500 or more products it carries. Cannabis 21+ prides itself on being a “Deal Store,” which only carries items it can offer at the lowest price for one unit and the value gets greater when customers tap into their daily deals and bundled offers which its well-trained budtenders go over in a fun and fast fashion.


“We have one of the largest inventories you’ll find—not only from a category standpoint but from a brand standpoint, bringing the desert the highest quality products at every price point. We’re very fastidious about what we bring into the marketplace because we want to make sure that we’re only bringing in the best products—at the best prices—to our customers. We have everything from flower to vapes to edibles to topicals and more. We also have clones in our Palm Desert store,” revealed Havner.

For an innovatively designed shopping experience that customers get incredible prices and high-quality products in a very quick, convenient manner without ever feeling rushed or pressured, look no further than Cannabis 21+—the premier licensed cannabis dispensary operator in California.

“Because of the high volume of crossover from our stores, we truly are able to bring the best prices, which is definitely an advantage. Something that is best about us is how integrated we are in the community as well as how knowledgeable our budtenders are. If you’re brand new to your cannabis journey or if you’ve been a user for a long time, they will listen to what your needs are and deliver the best product options for you,” said Havner.

Set to begin on February 28, Cannabis 21+ is partnering with the Sunrise Market to bring a farmers market every Tuesday in the dispensary parking lot. This will give visitors a chance to get locally sourced products from a farmers market standpoint. There will also be food trucks, and art and clothing vendors in addition to food.

Education and customer choice are what makes Cannabis 21+ stand apart from other California dispensaries. The company provides everything you need in order to make the proper choice of cannabis, specifically for your needs. The staff at Cannabis 21+ are passionate about being part of the inclusive California cannabis community. The dispensary continues to make its mark in the community—even hosting a “Bleed for Weed” blood drive last year.

“We try to bring a lot of partnerships to our dispensary. We’re very lucky because of the size of Cannabis 21+ that allows us to have these events and bring the community in,” stated Havner.

The company is family, woman, veteran, and privately-owned whose founders have been involved in state-licensed and legal cannabis for almost a decade and are actively expanding the chain’s footprint, with local permissions and state licenses in hand for 13 new locations under development across southern and northern California.