Twas the night before Christmas and you have yet to purchase your gift for mom or dad or wife or girlfriend. You want to introduce them to the sacred plant but not sure how to do this. This article gives you some last-minute suggestions. Most dispensaries are open late into the night, so all is not lost. Primary to choosing a product is seeing the lab results. Ask the budtender for the labs. When you go online the website should post the labs. Stay away from gas stations and smoke shops.

Start with a very low THC high CBD tincture for symptoms of pain anxiety or help with treating diabetes or cancer. Ask the budtender for a ratio of 10:1 CBD:THC. Be attentive to ratios you do not want to send you parents or girlfriend into slumberland before dinner is over.

To treat intense symptoms of pain and anxiety buy two tinctures. One with a ratio 1:1 to start then the second bottle of 10:1 CBD:THC. The 1:1 ratios are for high intensity of symptoms. Tell the recipient to take a few drops with meals twice a day for two days. Record response then go to 5mg two to three times a day. Remember in California we have legal adult use, a medical card is not needed.


There are some discrete disposable vape pens that look like Montblanc Le Grand or Parker. BeBoe is one example. Recycle by returning to the dispensary. Dosit, a reputable company since 2016, has six pens: bliss sleep calm passion arouse and relief delivering a controlled dose of 2.25mg of cannabinoids in various ratios of THC:CBD.  Except for the Calm pen these are not for someone new to cannabis as they have very high THC. The calm ratio is 1:10 THC:CBD. Choose the Calm for mom dad sister aunt who have pain or anxiety. Most local dispensaries carry Dosit.

For your weary recipient there are balms and creams for joint or muscle pain that come in ratios of 1:1 or 3:1 THC:CBD. THC is very good for topical pain relief. THC is an excellent anti-inflammatory cannabinoid. Remember to tell your mom or dad that the THC does not get into the blood stream with a topical so absolutely no change in mental fuzziness. There are many options in your local dispensary.

Dr. Kerklaan Natural Pain Stick is an excellent product of a 1:1 ratio. You can get this product online through or the Kerklaan website For your friends and family who live out of state or are drug tested through their employer Dr. Kerklaan also has broad spectrum CBD only products which can be mailed to any address in the U.S. CBD only broad spectrum products do not enter the blood stream. Give this to your gym buddy, sports friend or person with an addiction.

Chocolate cannabis products are great stocking stuffers. Kiva products come in dark or milk chocolate. All their products have a precise dose of 5mg of THC except for the singles which have 10mg of THC. There are Kiva bars, Camino gummies Petra mints Terra bites and Singles. Labs are posted on their website.

If your loved one has a complicated medical problem paying for a professional evaluation by a nurse or physician skilled in the specialty of medical cannabis is a welcomed gift. Usually a $300-$500 consultation fee is appropriate and includes follow ups for dose adjustments. It’s easy to buy a pack of prerolls for your friend who wants to engage in recreational use. Buying a consultation for a very sick relative or friend is a priceless gift. Reliable websites are:

Follow me on twitter at @RuthAHillRN for updates on medical use of cannabis. Until next year have a Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas.

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