I’ve been smoking cannabis since I was in my late teens. One thing that has always been a struggle for me has been the smell smoking my beloved joints left behind. In my earlier days of medicating I was in the very 420 friendly city of San Francisco and worked full time at LUSH Cosmetics, so my scent story was only mildly influenced by the wafting smells of my favorite OG strain. These days it is definitely the star of that scent story and boy is it a different narrative in the Coachella Valley. Recently, I visited @thevaultdispensarylounge in Cathedral City to visit with my buds at the @w0lfpackmentality Pack Pickup event. Local reviewers were getting together to receive their packs filled with all sorts of cannabis related goodies to review on their individual IG accounts. I was gifted a pack from @bayw0lf which included this fabulous product I just have to share with you all.

The Cannabolish Odor Removing Candle and Spray.

This has changed my scent story for the better. On their website they state “We know how to get rid of weed smell” and they absolutely do. My curtains and tapestries no longer reek for hours after smoking. Instead I spray them before smoking with my Cannabolish spray and when I reenter my room after my sesh the cannabis smell is gone, replaced with a light wintergreen scent.


Their website explains that the product works by attracting the stinky smoke molecule, absorbing them by attaching to them, and then surrounding the odor molecules which neutralizes their smell. The Cannabolish method introduces terpenes from various plants aside from cannabis to cancel out the odor left behind by cannabis smoke. They also share that their team has perfected their sciences over the last 30 years of removing the toughest odors around the world.

As I’ve matured, my smoking practices and behaviors have as well. With the Cannabolish spray and candles, I don’t have to worry about finding an alternative consumption practice because of the smell joints leave behind. I simply light my candle or spray my room before sitting with cannabis and ease any worries of how I will smell when I am done. I highly recommend you check them out and use their code HOLIDAZEZ for 25% off. Merry Kushmas 🙂