by Tracy Dietlin

My husband and I have enjoyed many a meal at Casey’s Restaurant and Lounge. If I think back to the first time we had dinner there, I would tell you things like; we were seated right away, the service was fantastic and the food was amazing. If I tell you how our dining experience is a few years later, I would have to say that all of that is still true, but now we feel like regulars…almost like family and we have our favorite daytime and evening servers that we look forward to almost as much as the food. Owner Stan Anderson and his wife Beth, make everyone feel comfortable and make their rounds to the tables every night checking on their customers. This is a nice touch that never gets old and that more restaurant owners should practice.
With that said let’s talk about the food. Whenever we’re in the mood for prime rib…we go to Casey’s. As much as I love it, I don’t order it very many places, because it’s never prepared to my picky perfection, but Casey’s gets it right every time. The same can be said for their filet mignon. Absolutely amazing! For the longest time I never tried anything other than those two selections, because of my ‘if it’s that good then why try something else’ mentality. Over time we have dared to break away and order the fish and pasta dishes which are delicious for sure, but we always go back to the prime rib and filet. These meals are served with the freshest vegetables and your choice of potato (I suggest the mashed served with their special gravy) and of course, a salad. All for one affordable price, which makes me wonder why go to a steak house and order all of that a la carte when you can go to Casey’s.
Another great thing about Casey’s; they pour their cocktails with a heavy hand. And who doesn’t appreciate that. You don’t have to order a double jack & coke just to get a good jack & coke. They also offer several wine choices including one of my favorites, La Crema chardonnay.
Casey’s is also a great place to stop in for lunch. They offer home- made soups daily and several burger and sandwich choices. I recently enjoyed the turkey club, while my husband raved about the juicy burger.
Casey’s also has entertainment every Friday & Saturday from 7-10pm, with Michael D’Angelo singing Songs of an Era. Casey’s is open for lunch Tues-Sat. 11am-2:30pm and dinner from 5-8:30pm. Happy Hour is 11am-6pm. They are closed on Sunday and Monday for summer.


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