By Sunny Simon

Don’t you think there is something energizing about the post Labor Day period? I call it Fall Fever. The kids are back in school, promises of cooler breezes will soon bless our valley and the hospitality industry gears up for season. Busy moms and dads begin dominating the family calendar with school events, parent-teacher conferences and after class piano lessons and soccer games.

The approaching fall season provides a great opportunity to set some new ground rules for your own personal development. Find a quiet moment after assembling tomorrow’s lunch box goodies and put some thought into what you want to do differently.

If that wise voice in the back of your mind suggested it’s time to make a career move, trust your instinct and start laying the ground work. Pull up your personal calendar and key in some activities. Is it time to dust off and update your resume? Begin by doing some research. Throw out any dated impressions about resume formatting. Create bold history accomplishment statements that prove your worth and entice the reader to invite you for an interview.


Presence on social media is paramount in today’s business environment. Do you have an all-star LinkedIn profile with a professional looking head shot or is your picture a dated selfie? Recruiters spend their days scouring LinkedIn for viable candidates. If you want to get noticed, revamp your profile by increasing your contacts, add an area of expertise, insert any awards you have won or other languages you speak. Pay special attention to the skills section as they affect your ranking in the platform’s search algorithm. Of equal importance are recommendations. Ask others to write about your talents and don’t forget to return the favor.

Create a target list of companies by listing organizations of interest to you. Follow those companies on LinkedIn. Deepen your knowledge of the industry by creating and customizing Google alerts. Gain up-to-the-minute knowledge and begin networking your way into those companies by making inroads with people who can help you get an interview.

If you’ve done the homework listed above and feel like you are coming up short, don’t fret. Take a lesson from the back to school community. Begin sharpening your skills and broadening your expertise by enrolling in a course at one of our local colleges. If you have time constraints, consider online education which is flexible and often cost effective.

Catch and capitalize on the fever by increasing your professional potential. Do the work and take full advantage of the season by making calculated moves and fulfilling your dreams.

Sunny Simon is the owner of Raise the Bar High Life and Career Coaching and the author of the blog,