By Merita Wheel-Zot (M.A.S)

CBD has a powerful aspect in the medicine world, officially known as cannabidiol, and making its healing mark for people and our furry family members throughout the world’s history.  The cannabidiol is one of a hundred compounds known as cannabinoids found in the oils of cannabis plants.

The medicine plant has an endocrine system that exudes oils known as terpenes, which gives cannabis a distinct scent.  Doctors and Scientist are discovering and documenting all the specific cannabinoids in how they affect humans and animals.

Types of CBD and THC:

  • CBGA- Cannabigerolic acid
  • CBDA- Cannabidiolic acid
  • CBCA- Cannabichromenic acid
  • CBGVA- Cannabigerovarinic acid
  • THCVA Cannabigerovarinic acid
  • CBDVA- Cannabidivarinic acid
  • CBCVA- Cannabichromevarinic acid

Wow! What a scientific mouthful, yet the complexity of this plant is what I am trying to describe here has many types of medicinal powers! Yet, CBD is a calm stream compared to THCs ability to get you high. Again, the power of this medicine break through is that its reported healing powers.  This medicine plant is what people throughout time have been using for themselves and their pets due to its extraordinary anti-inflammatory benefits and low side effects, especially pure CBD has little to none in damaging side effects.

Not only is CBD an anti-inflammatory medicine, yet its antibacterial tinctures are great when you have had any dental work, (Used in Persia and China for tooth pain 5000-BC) its anti-anxiety can help calm your pets when you need to leave them alone while you go to work, and it’s been discovered that CBD in its purest form aids the immune system. The healing power of cannabis dates back thousands of years.  Let’s take a quick look at some historical facts.

Cannabis History:

  • 6000 BC: Cannabis seeds are consumed in China.
  • 4000 BC: Cloth and textiles are created with hemp in China.
  • Circa 2700 BC: Chinese pharmacopeia records its first cannabis prescriptions.
  • 1500 BC: Cannabis farmed in China for fiber.
  • 1500 BC: Scythians were (Persian Equestrians that settled in modern day Russia) cultivate cannabis and create weaved goods.
  • 1200-800 BC: Cannabis is documented in the Hindu sacred text as “sacred grass”.
  • 700-600 BC: The Zoroastrians, the first monotheistic religion in Persia; refers to bhang or cannabis and hemp as Zoroaster’s good medicine.
  • 700-300 BC: Scythian tribes associate the cannabis plant with the dead and leave cannabis seeds on their departed loved one’s tombs.
  • 500 BC: Scythian tomb is discovered with a couple buried in a woven tent decorated with cannabis seeds.
  • 500 BC: Hemp is introduced into Northern Europe by the Scythians.
  • 430 BC: Herodotus reports on both ritual and recreation use of cannabis by the Scythians.
  • 100 BC-0: The psychotropic attributes of cannabis are documented the Herbal Pen (Chinese Pharmacy Book) Tao Dynasty.

Scythians Leaving its Cannabis Mark in Eastern Europe:

In the fifth and sixth centuries, Russian and Polish farmers consumed hemp for health benefits. They created herbal teas and used the seeds in their breads.  In the Middle Ages the Russian word for hemp was penka and was commonly brewed as a tea.  During the Czar Empire in the 15th century- hemp and cannabis were used in Christmas soups, cakes, and stews believing; like A Christmas Carol; that the medicine plant opened a spiritual veil allowing them to see their departed loved ones.

Hemps seeds and hemp oils were a staple in the lower and upper classes in Russia and Poland. Until the 20th century hemp was an important export for Russia, and the United States, however in the 1930’s demand for the crop stopped as American Prohibitionists pressured the world to stop the consumption of cannabis and other medicine plants. However, today the medicine has come back from the veil of our historical connection and in full circle to bring back its healing properties to those that resonate with its benefits. Cannabis, CBD, Hemp- historically and scientifically is cultivating its healing properties back to the world.

Remember when using any cannabis medicine please consult with your health care provider.

Note: Awareness and Mindfulness is key to many of the body’s needs. All my articles are based on patient reports, and company representatives: WHO-

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  • Sponsor sick patients with pure CBD with and without THC- (humans and animals)
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