By Crystal Harrell / Photos By Lynne Eodice

The Office of Mayor Max III, the official dog mayor of Idyllwild, is inviting the public to a paws-itvely fun birthday party in celebration of the beloved mayor and his sister, Vice Mayor Meadow, turning one-year-old.

The birthday party will take place on Saturday, September 9, from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. at Mountain Paws in Idyllwild. The event is open to the public and will include free food and entertainment—as well as some special furry guests. In addition to Mayor Max III and Vice Mayor Meadow, guests of honor include their mother Storm, their brother Hawkins, their sister Cassie, their friend A.J. the llama, and his cousins, deputy co-mayors Mitzi and Mikey. This is the first time that Mayor Max III and Meadow will be meeting their younger brother and sister.

Some highlights of the birthday celebration include face painting for the children, birthday cake and ice cream among other festive treats, appearances by Capt. Purvis of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Hemet Station, and once there’s been a crowd gathered, at a certain point everyone will sing Happy Birthday to Mayor Max and Meadow (and anyone else who might have a birthday on September 9). The birthday party will also be streamed live on Mayor Max’s official Instagram.


“Max has a global audience. People from Germany, India, Malaysia, and all over the planet follow him and they’re not going to be able to attend the party, but can still celebrate with us. We have people coming from a long distance like Puppy Hawkins himself is driving in from Maine to come to the party. He lives about an hour from the border of Canada and we’re just a little more than an hour from the border of Mexico—about 2,700 miles apart—so they couldn’t be further away from us,” shared Phyllis Mueller, the owner of Mayor Max, Meadow, Mitzi, and Mikey — and the Chief of Staff in the Office of Mayor Max.

Mayor Max III has been in office for nearly a year, taking over after the passing of his beloved predecessor Mayor Max II, and has been touching the lives and hearts of locals with his infectious smile and fashionable hat/tie combinations. With the trusty Vice Mayor Meadow at his side, Mayor Max has been making public appearances and visiting hospitals, schools, and nursing homes — helping those in need know they are loved.

During COVID, the Office of Mayor Max could not visit any of those locations, but Phyllis and Max still did 1,400 private visits at their home and the hospital and school visits were done by FaceTime. Mayor Max III and his team participate in fundraisers are goodwill ambassadors to the community. Phyllis and her husband also assist in rescues in the region with their own rescue vehicles, helping the community and centering on public service.

“It’s a fun way to do politics and it includes everyone and we don’t do anything divisive, ever. When we do fundraising events, they raise a lot of money, because if we promote that the dogs will be at the event, more people go to the event because they want to see the mayors. Therefore it raises more money for the cause. Max is a non-political nonpartisan and he loves everyone unconditionally. People go, ‘how can a dog be a mayor?’ Because we concentrate on having the dog do the things that dogs can do, which are kind, loving actions,” shared Phyllis.

To follow the adventures of Mayor Max III and to keep track of upcoming events, follow his official Instagram @mayormax1, Mayor Max Politician on Facebook, and his official website at