By Rebecca Pikus

It was inevitable — or “In the Stars” as they say — that 2 artists from opposite sides of the Hemisphere should meet, collide, ignite, & collaborate at last! Such is the case with Christina De Musee, Painter from California, and Mario Pikus, Painter & Sculptor from Argentina. Both are Award-Winning Artists, both have the Fire & Passion of true artists — both have Bold, Evocative, Sensual works — 2 larger-than-life personalities, with color-bursting, in-your-face Art!

Christina De Musee — shock of bright Red hair, beautiful expressive “Cupie Doll” Blue eyes, bright Red Cheshire cat smile, dressed in Bohemian Black turtlenecks or sexy Vegas-girl Red bustiers — stands out in any crowd. She has exhibited in fine art Galleries & Museums, and some of her Private Collectors include Johnny Carson, Charlie Sheen, Malcolm McDowell, Roland Joffee, Tommy Chong, Paramount Pictures, Fionnula Flanagan, & Isabella Rossellini. Christina herself, and her Art, have been featured in 2 Playboy Channel video documentaries, and specials on CNN, Channel 9 ‘Mid Morning LA” and the Joey English radio show.

Known for her colorful, rich portrayal of the human figure and psychological portraits, Christina’s paintings “captivate the viewer with a powerful presence and mood that alters the environment and creates an intense reality shift.” Her portraits, both sensual and confrontational are strangely evocative of another age, while still being stylish and contemporary. It doesn’t surprise that she has reinvented a new body of art that incorporates many of the elements she has imprinted as her distinct style into a new surreal flower, sprouting artwork that is succinct as well as complex. Pulling from her interests in the human condition and totally divergent themes of fashion, glamour, media, religion & sex, Christina pushes the envelope with her paintings — executed in a large format, with rich, sumptuous color and sensual interpretations. Her art shocks and delights, if you enjoy dipping your mind into the shadow world of the Fashionista —


“The production of visual novelty is not the sole purpose of what I do in terms of being an Artist. One chief interest consists of extrapolating from direct experience some idea communicable to the viewer. For example, I like funneling diverse subject matter into a collage of disparate images that somehow foster an allegory that teases the mind. I enjoy using references to media, fashion, beauty, glamour in direct contrast to the shadow side of sensuality, vanity, excess, and ambition.”

“When I create these collage gems, my work table is covered in an atmospheric jumble of cutout magazines, photos, drawings that I’m obsessed with at that moment in time. Somehow, like an aggregate, these cutouts seem to fall together in surprising configurations that somehow convey a distinct presence.” Christina paints everything from juicy Glam to high Neon colors to Medieval themes to create artistic parables. Christina’s Art, with its powerful eccentricity, shocking yet sensual imagery, and sassiness puts her in a category of complete originality. And the juxtaposition of Christina’s paintings with Mario Pikus’ motorcycle & airplane parts sculptures in their upcoming Art Fusion makes for an Event that should not be missed!

Christina De Musee / Mario Pikus — ART FUSION — Friday, Feb. 28, 2014, 6:00-10:00pm — 73387 Willow Street, Palm Desert, Ca 92260 — Paintings by Christina De Musee, Sculptures by Mario Pikus — Public Invited, No charge; Performance Art Event, Live Models, Music, Food, Open Bar — RSVP (760) 534-5888 or (310) 493-0114