By Crystal Harrell

Whether you’re new to the world of holistic wellness, or have walked this path for some time, the Coachella Health Festival will introduce you to a host of local holistic solutions and wellness experts combined with a diverse range of medical practitioners, fitness specialists, mental health professionals and soothing spa retreats.

The launch of the Coachella Health Festival is set for Saturday, November 18, in the 25,600 square-foot Showroom at Spotlight 29 Casino in Coachella. The lucky first 500 attendees who register online will receive not only their general admission ticket for free, but also complimentary valet parking, courtesy of the Twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians.

The festival will open at 10 a.m., featuring a dynamic and energizing demonstration from Zumba Fitness on the Spotlight 29 Main Stage followed by informational sessions on the two Wellness Stages.


Attendees will enjoy presentations by functional medicine doctor Joseph Scherger, Astrologer Tahia Lameer, as well as informative panel discussions on the Benefits of Cannabis for Baby Boomers and an eye-opening conversation on Addition & the Family.

Plan your day and sign up for a variety of complimentary wellness screenings offered from the likes of Desert Vein & Vascular Institute, Desert Care Network, Eisenhower Health and BodymetRX. Family Nurse Practitioner, Emma Bermudez is offering free blood pressure checks and will provide an array of intramuscular injections such as immune boosters, nutrient hydration, anti-aging plus botox and facial fillers at her display.

“I believe there is a need for more attention to holistic health available in the desert. While that does not dismiss the importance of Western medicine, this particular festival has the ability to blend both of those options under one roof. We have the hospitals, urgent cares, a desert vein & vascular clinic, all important medical facilities blended with wellness centers, holistic practitioners, aesthetics, chakra treatments and astrology. The festival offers a cross section of what I consider the East meets the West,” stated producer of the festival, Diana Marlo.

Marlo is originally from Canada, and many years ago when her children were very young, she started her holistic health journey by making their baby formula and taking them to a naturopathic doctor as well as their medical doctor. “We never had soda drinks or sweets in the house except Gramma’s homemade cookies, and of course Halloween. I believe it made a difference in their energy, their mood and how they choose to eat today,” shared Marlo.

“I think people who attend this health festival will learn more about their options and possibly it takes a conversation with these wellness practitioners to really relate to some of the other choices available. I think that’s what makes this event unique as you can get in front of the that holistic practitioners or wellness doctors. It’s not always easy to get alternative information from the healthcare system unless your family doctor is a believer in alternative medicine. You make an appointment. This event will give attendees an opportunity to do some health screenings, vein screening, blood pressure checks, and even body metrics. There’s a very full day of interesting sessions, a variety of wellness and medical vendors, plus a little tasty sampling as well,” explained Marlo.

Between shopping and informative wellness presentations, attendees can get comfy at the Main Stage for an entertaining fashion presentation at 11 a.m., featuring the latest in golf, tennis and pickleball attire from Pete Carlson’s Golf & Tennis.

It would not be a festival without food. Plan to visit the Tasting Zone where Spotlight 29 Casino will offer tasty Asian cuisine from Malie, barbecue bites from the Taproom 29, and a little afternoon pick-me-up from the Kupi Shop while Big Rock Pub will offer up their healthy cauliflower salad. The sampling area is located on the red-carpet foyer of the Showroom and is open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Over 1,500 guests are expected to attend the Coachella Health Festival presented by Marlo Productions Inc., producers of the Desert Woman’s Show—celebrating its 16th anniversary in the Valley in 2024.

The Coachella Health Festival is an adventure of body, mind, and soul presenting  attendees with a diverse range of eastern and western medicine as well as tastings and tips from wellness experts. This community event is pleased to support several local charities including Coachella Valley Volunteers in Medicine, Loving All Animals, The Unforgettables Foundation, Birth Choice of the Desert and Hanson House Foundation, to name a few. Proceeds from the enticing silent auction will benefit participating charities.

Sponsors include the Twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians, Red Falcon Brands, Desert Vein & Vascular Institute, Clark’s Nutrition, Barbara Rogers, Hot Purple Energy, Marlo Productions Inc., Desert Golf & Tennis Magazine, and R.Izzo Strategic Solutions.

Originally set in Palm Springs in 2015, the Palm Springs Health Festival took place at the Air Museum—consuming all of the hangers and the outdoor tarmac. Following the festival, the Air Museum was scheduled for renovation on their newest hangar, followed by the COVID-19 pandemic which shut everything down. Early 2023 is when Marlo realized this was the year where it seemed like the right time to bring the health festival back in full force.

“What I really love about doing these events in the desert is you get a chance to meet a lot of wonderful people and businesses. I do believe in the Law of Attraction and our events seem to attract not only the right vendors and speakers but also a community interested in bettering their health. We meet just the right people and it all comes together. It’s really about getting to know more people in your community that are like-minded and making an effort to help find them resources to not only take care of themselves but also help others,” shared Marlo.

General admission tickets are free and can be reserved online or attendees can just come to Spotlight 29 Casino on Saturday, November 18th between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

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