By Jesse

Every year 50-60,000 music goer’s lineup at Coachella for the opportunity to see the biggest names in music play all in one venue. All while hundreds of thousands more revel in jealousy sitting at home. From the main stage to the side shows, Coachella offers both the music that has lasted through the years, and a myriad of bands looking to make it big. With so many attractions, it may seem impossible to sift through the endless array of pure musical talent to decide what bands are worth seeing. Well fear no more! We at The Coachella Weekly have a few suggestions, and a few can’t miss bands to see this festival, so you won’t be kicking yourself in the head for missing out come Monday.

Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg

             Coachella is known for bringing in some of the biggest names in rap to headline the festival. 2010 saw Jay-Z, in 2011 it was Kanye, and in 2012 they’ve outdone themselves, signing two of the godfathers of rap, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, for the grand finale of both weekends.


Dre and Snoop haven’t recorded together sense Dre’s last album, “2001” released in 1999. And while the world has waited ever sense for his largely speculated last album, “Detox”, expect to be treated to hits like Dre’s and Snoops ’99 collaboration “Nuthin’ But A G Thang”.

The Black Keys

Returning to the main stage this year are the Black Keys. With a new album and a more up-tempo sound, these once unknowns have become one of the standards of the genre and substantiated themselves on the top tier of new rock. These veterans of the festival route have played Bonnaroo, Kanrockas, Outside Lands, and now return once again to Coachella, now as one of the most prominent headliners.

Mazzy Star

After over a decade of hiatus, Mazzy Star, is careening back into spotlight. Best known for their ‘90s hit, “Fade Into You”, the band is back with a new double-sided single. Both songs are packed full of the soft indie goodness, one would have expected of Mazzy Star in the 90’s, ringing just as good in your ears today.

Florence & The Machine

Best known for her hit “The Dog Days Are Over”, Florence Welch catapulted onto the English and American music scene in 2010 and soon after became an indie pop darling. This eccentric fiery haired fashion diva has become the British queen of hipsterdom, but her undeniably catchy lyrics, and driving beats would make even the most ardent hard rock fans move to the rhythm, offering something for every Coachella Festival goer.

However, her eclecticism is undeniable. Claiming that on her latest album, “Ceremonials”, one song was inspired by a vision of her dead grandmother she had in a dream, and the fact that she dropped out of art school at 19 to pursue her musical career, she fits in perfectly, in an age defined by its infatuation with the abnormal and the unique.


A few years ago you couldn’t count without busting out singing Fiest’s “1,2,3,4”. Since then this Canadian bred singer/songwriter’s name has become synonymous with the indie genre. However, a lesser known fact is that her roots go back to punk rock, a true demonstration of her versatility.

On top of her iconic hits, you can expect her to perform a new single set to debut April 21. In it she merges genres covering a track from the progressive metal rock band Mastadon. This raised eyebrows among all who knew how heavy Mastadon’s sound is, however the convergence of the styles is sure to be something of a spectacle.


Santigold is coming straight from Texas’ South X Southwest Music Festival, where the AP reported that she, “remade South X Southwest into an eccentric dance party… turning the annual music conference and festival into a participatory event for some of her lucky fans.” This same sort of mood is anticipated as she helps close out the Coachella on Sunday. With a brand new album scheduled to launch April 23, and with a whole new slate of material, she has all the ammunition she needs to take over Coachella.

Her upcoming album “Master of My Make Believe” signals a new turn in her career, as she tackled nearly every piece of the album with her own creative influence, making it truly her own. You can see her first single and music video of the album “Desperate Youth” on youtube now.


What’s there left to say about Radiohead that hasn’t already been said? These music icons have been rocking for longer than many Coachella goers have even been alive, and still find a way to do it right every time. Possessing over 25 years of history between them, they remain fortified on the upper echelon of rock. With 8 albums, and 25 singles from “Creep” to their latest hit “Lotus Flower” seeing Radiohead on the lineup should attract every Festival goer’s attention.


Nick Van De Wall, better known by his stage name, Afrojack, is a Dutch electronic DJ, who is quickly becoming the most notable figure in the genre. Both producer and artist Afrojack has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry, and his own hit “Take Over Control” was one of the biggest club hits of 2010. And his newest hit “Can’t Stop Me Know” doesn’t disappoint.

Coachella schedules a few electronic DJ’s each year, and they never fail to get people moving. And as all 50,000 Coachella goers dance in complete disregard as one sea of people, something special happens, making this electro DJ one of the highly recommended stops on your weekend.


Gotye is by far the hottest stock in rock right now. Originally scheduled as a side show at Coachella, only notable in the fine print, his song “Somebody That I Used to Know” blew up after its February American release. This Belgian-Australian singer/songwriter, has seen success in Europe, however it’s his American invasion that took the industry by storm, making him the owner of one of the hottest songs in the world.

Mixing electronic and traditional instruments, even at sometimes more obscure ones, Gotye creates a sound worthy of his international success, and is one of the hidden treasures of Coachella. It is yet to be seen whether his success will be limited to that of a one hit wonder or something more substantial, however his unique sound and unimaginable fast tract to stardom gives him to tools to be a rock staple for years to come.


Although we don’t advise googling “Grouplove” unless you’re 18 or over, this band may very well be the next thing to blow up your radio. With a sound like Modest Mouse and a stage presence like an acid trip, they are sure to catch every Coachella goer’s fancy. Their debut album “Never Trust A Happy Song” is out now.