Confidence may be challenging to maintain if you are comparing yourself to others.  Reality check; regardless of how smart you are, good you look, talented as you are, big your house or fancy your car, there will always be someone that surmounts your status.  Why do we feel this constant need to compete or keep up with others?  Let’s face it, we’ve all been there feeling as though we need more or strive for something better than the rest of the crowd.  We are human and this comes naturally.  Yet, relevant what your motive is. Why is it you feel you need to compete?  Why is it you believe you are not lacking? 

Competition is healthy and renders us motivated. Unhealthy competition will eventually debilitate you and is temporary.  Approaching every endeavor with integrity will result in a happy ending.  Many of you may recall the unhealthy competition/ jealousy of rival figure skaters, Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding. Harding was the first woman, in 1991, to complete a triple axel in competition and earned her first national title.  Kerrigan was Harding’s main rival in women’s figure skating. Harding gained infamy in 1994 after her ex-husband hired a hitman to inflict injury upon Kerrigan so she would not be able to compete.  Harding pled guilty, stripped of her national title, and banned from figure skating in the U.S. for life. Obviously, Harding’s confidence in self was so depleted she took such measures as to injure her competition. Jealousy will also lead one into rage and act foolishly.  Harding’s impairment led to numerous marriages, personal hardship, and a delimitated career she worked so diligently on since the age of three. 

Remember we are born equipped with everything we need.  As a mother of two daughters I have heard them say, “I wish had so and so’s this or that.”  If it something tangible and feasibly obtainable for a child I encourage them to consider best to attain an item.    When it comes to aesthetics or personality traits I share with them their potential to achieve.  I make certain to instill confidence in my girls.  Just as we should believe in ourselves at all times. 


You have complete control over your confidence level.  Most of us are masters at negative self-talk.  Each of us has called ourselves stupid or an idiot.  Never, ever do I allow those thoughts in my mind.  Eventually, you will begin to believe what you are thinking and saying to yourself. Rather feed your soul and mind with positive affirmations. 

Commence your day with a confidence rooted deeply and resonate.  Be mindful to remain confident, not boastful or arrogant.  Be thankful for who you are, where you are, and continue to believe in YOU!