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I am going to put a freeze over Gotham – A line once spoken by who many deem the “originator”, not “Terminator” of modern bodybuilding, Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the 1995 film, Batman & Robin, Arnold or “Doctor Freeze” wanted to freeze Gotham City, however he didn’t get his way. In fact, “Doctor Freeze” ended up frozen courtesy of Batman and his loyal sidekick Robin. Batmen, Robin’s, insane doctors, and Hollywood aside, Arnold Schwarzenegger and his passionate interest in fitness is aptly relevant to this article.

Anyone whom has ever exercised intensely over a lengthy period will have discovered that no matter how large your muscles become, joints never grow, and bones do become weaker as we age. Injury is inevitable, as are sore muscles and body pain – no matter your age.


For those who do lie on the more intense side of the barbell, recovery is one of the most important aspects of any training regimen, and especially those wanting to compete professionally.

The Coachella Valley is riddled with many a budding athlete, and fortunately the Good Lord allows us to live in a climate conducive for physical fitness to thrive. We have an abundance of nourishment from the sun – which increases levels of vitamin D, which staves off illness and autoimmune conditions, as well as helping muscles develop more efficiently. Did you know that sunshine boots testosterone levels which triggers muscle growth?

Heat is an undeniably useful resource for those wanting to keep their bodies optimal, but the opposite of heat – cold works wonders in aiding not only with recovery, healing from injury, injury prevention, but with additional perks such as: increased metabolism, helping quell autoimmune conditions and in cases put them into remition, and putting a chokehold on depression.

By now many have heard of cold-water therapy – the idea that if you take a cold shower at the tail end of your regular shower that you will see improvements in circulation, metabolism, mood, hair, and skin, and over the course of a year you may lose up to twelve pounds! However great as this may sound, cold showers can be fatal for some. If you have a heart condition DO NOT hop in a cold shower cold turkey. Always ask your doctor if cold therapy is safe for you.

Cold therapy has now been scientifically proven to assist with recovery from injuries, injury prevention, inflammation, weight management, and mood and certain diseases. So, what is CRYOTHERAPY?

Cryotherapy takes place within a state-of-the-art cryochamber. A person stands upright in the chamber, which covers the entire body to the base of the neck. It is not as cold as you may be thinking, and time spent in the chamber is adjusted per patient requirements.

Cryotherapy is a medical physical treatment widely used in sports medicine. Recovery from injuries such as trauma, overuse, and “post-season” recovery is the main objective for the therapy. It has also been confirmed that cryotherapy is anti-inflammatory, anti-analgesic, and has antioxidant effects. In addition to its therapeutic effects, cryotherapy can be used as a preventive strategy against exercise-induced inflammation and soreness. Exposure to cryotherapy mimics exercise, which allows it to help subdue metabolic diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Whether you are an athlete, athlete-in-the-making, gym warrior, dad, mom, young adult, or senior, cryotherapy benefits are so extensive and (non-invasive) that anyone wanting to give their body a fighting chance to feel and look as healthy as possible should give it a try.

KINETIX HEALTH AND PERFORMANCE CENTER – Palm Desert’s hidden gem, and only professional athletic performance center proudly hosts a full-body cryochamber with cryotherapy sessions available to the public. You don’t need a prescription or doctor referral to chill in this pipe. Kinetix’ cryochamber is so impressive that Mixed Martial Arts and UFC fighting champion, CUB SWANSON is known to chill in its embrace on occasion.

Contact KINETIX HEALTH AND PERFORMANCE CENTER at (760) 200 1719 or visit their website at and book your appointment for cryotherapy today.

“It’s getting hot. Time to cool off and recover for the next round”

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