By M. Ra. Wheel-Zot (M.A.S.)

CRISPR is an accurate genetic modification technique that can cut the DNA sequences that creates genes. In such a way that the genes will determine traits of the cannabis plant (such as leaf color, the synthesis of THC or CBD, and its cannabidiol compounds.) The Crisper technique can now modify or eliminate many of an organism’s DNA components. The outcome or plant creation in a cannabis plant can be custom designed with exact precision. What does this all mean for the medicine plant?  What the Crispr techniques can do is design a plant to grow, taste, smell, and enhance the cannabidiol DNA in hundreds of different effects when consumed by the human body.

In research laboratories, scientists repeatedly use CRISPR to tailor genes in plants, bacteria, and animal models. Scientist can remove a particular gene in lab mice, like disease and other debilitating pathogens like all living organisms that grow and develop. Researchers can directly witness what traits or behaviors are affected. A large amount of gene therapy and gene modifications in the controlled laboratories have been conducted for decades because CRISPR is faster, cheaper, and more reliable. Therefore, now with the prevalent recognition of medical marijuana, large agribusinesses are getting the chance to create a major crop cash for consumers.  That is why its so important that any consumption of the medicine plant should be researched on the purity and testing of cannabis products.

CRISPR: Clustered- Regularly- Interspaced- Short- Palindromic- Repeats

  • CRISPR stands for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats-
  • Repetitive DNA sequences, called CRISPR, were observed in bacteria with “spacer” DNA sequences-
  • CRISPR repeats and can exactly match viral sequences.
  • It was subsequently discovered that bacteria transcribe these DNA elements to RNA upon viral infection.

GMO- Genetically- Modified- Organisms

GMO industry believes that are good reasons to use GMOs in organisms:

  • Reduced need for herbicides-
  • Reduced need of pesticides-
  • Reduced greenhouse emissions as GMOs require less tillage on the Earth-

GMO & Unpredictable Side Effects: Organic Authorities Believe-

  • GMOs are in many food and plant organisms (especially processed food!)
  • GMOs were introduced in the American food supply in 1996-
  • Restaurants cook with GMOs-
  • GMOs can cause damage to animals-
  • GMOs are connected to anxiety and depression-
  • long-term studies have not been conducted on humans-
  • GMOs are affecting the health of early development
  • Since GMOs were introduced, rates of disease have increased in the U.S-

With millions to be made in the cannabis industry, giant agricultural biotechnology is introducing newly developed GMO technology to the patentable transgenic seeds for sole distribution.  This is not a new concept to create GMO cannabis plants, yet it is important for the consumers to ask about the integrity of the how the plant medicine was developed.  This article is wholly written to give the consumer of any cannabis products the insight that its important to know from who and what you are purchasing- because of ailments or discomforts; with a company that has integrity for the medicine plant, the consumer, and the Planet!

Remember when using any cannabis medicine please consult with your health care provider.

Note: Awareness and Mindfulness is key to many of the body’s needs. All my articles are based on patient reports, and company representatives: WHO-

  • Use the cannabis medicine for chronic ailments
  • Sponsor sick patients with pure CBD with and without THC- (humans and animals)
  • Sponsor Doctors & Families who prefer the plant medicine
  • Companies that research and develop the medicine plant

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