Congratulations to Drop Mob: Gabe Perez (vocals), Curtis Hendricks (guitar), John V. Camacho (drums), Dave Burk (lead guitar) and Steve Zepeda (bass).

CV Weekly would like to thank everyone who came out this past Sunday night to our 2nd Year of the CV Music Showcase Preliminary Round 1. A big thank you to Brad & Eddie for letting us have this event at The Hood again and to Jon Ballard for doing the sound.

All 4 bands that competed, CMF’s, brightener, Drop Mob and Upper Class Poverty, did an amazing job and brought their A-game. But at the end of the night the judges decided that Drop Mob was the winner taking home 200.00 cash and moving forward to compete in the finals which will be held April 2. This year the winner of the Finals will win $1500.00 cash instead of a $1000.00 like last year and many more prizes to be announced.

I would also like to thank our fine panel of judges: Kelly Derrikson, Arthur Seay, Julie Montante and Steve Johns.

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